Northern Cafe Opens 2nd Westwood Location - Chinese Teppanyaki Skewers / Teriyaki

They just opened a 2nd Westwood location on Weyburn. Grand opening sign out. It’s between Starbucks at the Westwood Village Theater and Sip Macha in the space formerly occupied by Koala T Cafe.

EDITED: 4/7/2018

Wifey went today. Gave me an extensive review. “It was good.” LOL. She had the Shrimp Teriyaki, $10.50.

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That’s the “Chinese Teppanyaki” iteration I noticed the signs for a bit ago.
I dunno . . . I’ll try it , but expectations are low.

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Currently closed due to no health permit.


So they are open again, and the QPR is pretty lousy for the skewers. They were $1 each and I’m not kidding that each one of these had LESS THAN 1 OUNCE of chicken. My wife bought 10 of them, ate 9 of them, and then asked if I wanted to go somewhere and have lunch with her.

They were ok. A tiny bit of heat but if the meat wasn’t on a skewer it would be a single bite.

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Real bummer and a waste of space. But your wife is funny, btw.

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Anybody know if they’re still around. No trace of this branch on the internet.

Last review 15 days ago

Went a week ago pre-Kazunori. It’s still there.
It can be hard to figure out which yelp listing is the skewer joint and which is the older sibling, but there are separate reviews and pics.
There were a handful of students. I doubt it will last long.
The lamb skewers were actually pretty tasty.
The chicken wing skewer was terrible.
Did not try anything else.