Northern Cafe (SGV) - Oodles of Noodles: Picks and pics

After trying noodle houses up and down Valley Blvd from Best Noodle House, JTYH, Happy Noodle House, Mandarin Noodle House, Mian and lamenting the closure of FFY Noodle House in Rowland Heights we had been on the lookout for a new hand-pulled noodle contender and we heard about Northern Cafe, a new-ish northern Chinese restaurant all things noodle specialist in Temple City.

The wait has never been longer than 20 minutes and the interior is shiny and new with two huge windows into the kitchen so you can see the hand-pulled and knife cut noodle action.

Smashed Cucumber Salad

This is was fairly standard. Could have been saltier and more acidic but garlicky and refreshing nonetheless. Lightly spicy, great to engage the appetite.

Cold Potato Salad


A northern Chinese specialty, this was delicious! The stringy potato was lightly blanched and tender yet still crisp. Usually I think of potatoes as heavy and starchy but here they’re light and refreshing without the fibery-ness of a proper vegetable salad. Soft undertones of black vinegar and mildly spicy.

Hand pulled Beef Noodle Soup


You can choose what style of noodle you want: thin circular, medium, thick ribbons, or knife cut. We opted for medium. This is a real contender for one of the best beef noodle soup’s in the San Gabriel Valley. The first time I had it here the beef was not sliced thinly as pictured, but tough inedible chewy pieces of tendon and fat. I’m glad they improved the quality of meat!

The noodles are perfectly QQ and the soup base is not a punch in your mouth flavor bomb like Dai Ho Noodle House but its still delicious. It’s deeply beefy like a great pho broth but it has strong star anise and other herbal flavors. And at $8 its a steal!

Cold Sesame Noodles

We really wanted to try everything on the menu and here is a fairly standard if somewhat bland sesame sauce. The real star are the noodles! So chewy, dense and uniform.

Fava Bean Appetizer

It seems like the menu while focusing on bready noodley stuff from Northern China, goes all over from Northern style to Sichuan to Shanghainese. Here is fava bean with preserved mustard greens, an iconic Shanghainese dish seldomly seen outside of Shanghainese restaurants. It was below average, the xian cai or preserved mustard greens were low quality, mushy and tasted a bit like mud.

Hot Spicy Chow Mein

First of all, why the hell would anyone order something called hot spicy chow mein. The Chinese name for this actually translates more to lao gan ma (a famous hot sauce) chow mein. Anyway, if I may use some stoner slang: this dish is hella dank. Chewy and doughy knife cut noodles, intense wok hei, bean sprouts and slivers of pork fried in a spicy oily soy saucey sauce. A must get! Delicious and so addictive. My loony born again evangelical aunt said this was her favorite dish.

Beef Roll

The bing tasted kinda buttery? I thought that was unusual, but I was into it. The bing wasn’t too greasy and was very tender. The beef was very thinly sliced and pretty bland. I feel like if they salted the meat more and put more hoisin, this would be great. I would get this again though, I like this a lot better than 101 Noodle House’s version.

Sesame Green Onion Bread

It was alright. Pales in comparison to the version that was once served at that China Islamic restaurant that used to be in San Gabriel Square back in the day.

Garlic Chive and Egg Box dumpling

Tender and crispy wrapper and the inside was…juicy! Delicious, definitely smells rank coming out the other end the day after though. You’ve been warned.

Pork potstickers

Northern Cafe excels at the dumpling wrapper, bread, and noodle game! Here the potstickers had thin skins but still felt dense and held up nicely to a hard steam. You know sometimes you can tell potstickers have been frozen if they have either that plastic-y mouth feel or their overcooked to mush. Here at Northern Cafe, they stay strong and you know it was made fresh! The meat was fairly average. Gets the job done, like kumquats the skin is the star.

BBQ Lamb Skewers

In addition to noodles up the wazoo, Northern Cafe boasts an impressive menu of bbq items. I feel like I’m sharing a secret with you guys here but these enormous lamb skewers of tender, smokey, cuminy lamb are only…$2.50 here! Yep you read that right. Two bucks and fifty cents. AND they serve beer by the pitcher.

Grilled Eggplant

Charred eggplant, succulent, garlicky, salty and delicious! The first time we found the garlic to be a bit overpowering so we ordered the sauce on the side another time. Still great and only $4

Sugar Bing: I forgot what this was actually called on the menu.


Reminds me of a really good hoddeok. The dough is rolled to about 3mm thick and it arrives at your table piping hot and crispy. The inside is this gooey melted sugar and sesame jam. Excellent mid-meal treat.

Slutty BONUS: China Red’s Salted Egg Yolk Bao


This doesn’t replace my beloved FFY Noodle House but it comes pretty damn close. Northern Cafe is an excellent new noodle house in the San Gabriel Valley. I’m just glad this place isn’t a frickin hot pot joint. Stick to the northern bready specialties and pretty much anything will be great. Almost everything on the menu is <$10. Get the lamb skewers (minimum of 2 per order but I can eat 2 by myself).

Northern Cafe
9608 E Las Tunas Dr
Temple City, CA 91780


there’s a place in MP also named northern cafe. i think they’re related; they also offer a choice of about 6 different noodles all made in house.

decided to try the beef noodle. the noodles are roughly ravioli sized with good ‘q’.

they served their beef pies sliced, which resulted in them being soggy on the underside, but still with sufficient liquid that spurted across the table in unpredictable directions when you took a bite.

the pork/shrimp/chive dumplings were more visually impressive than anything else. the pleats on some of them were open, resulting in a filling that was drier than any filling with shrimp should be,

we asked for extra bowls to faciliate our family style meal and they gave us plates. hmm. i prefer eating noodles out of a bowl, especially with chopsticks.

i’d go back for those noodles. next time with lamb. they also offer a lamb noodle soup, but liang’s lamb noodle soup sets the bar pretty high.

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went to the temple city location of Northern Cafe just this past weekend. sorry no pics because we had 7 kids in tow.

The kids really enjoyed watching the noodle pulling. Would echo the sentiments above–very good solid noodle house and excellent value. While the noodles themselves were very good, the broth could be better, but again, at $8 for hand pulled noodles, can’t complain much. We tried 3 types, standard round, wide flat, and hand shaved. If you want the most chew go for the handshaved.

the bread specialties were excellent and came piping hot and crisp. dumplings more than good. The lamb skewers are a bargain and great with beer. Also, the yangchow fried rice was one of the better renditions we’ve had in while–nice wokhei with hunks of pork and bigly shrimps,


I hopped over to the Cerritos location on Friday night. We had a friend in town from Philadelphia and Germany, so we thought house made noodles and dumplings would be fun. I was a big fan of the hand-sliced noodles with braised lamb. Our friend enjoyed the noodles, juicy pork dumplings, pan-fried dumplings, and fish in chili oil. He was especially amused with the show from the kitchen window. We ordered way too much food for 4 people and came away with a big bag of leftovers and only $25 each in damage (including tax & a 20% tip). It was fun to expose our friend to something new.


Seems like there are two sets of Northern Cafes, at least judging by the chinese characters.
The Temple City one is the same as the branches at USC and on the Westside. Monterey Park and Cerritos are another set.

Food looks totally different than the Northern Cafes on Westside. Need to try the MP version.

Did you get a chance to try the hand pulled noodles at Northern Cafe in Monterey Park? If so, how were they?

Omg - fantastic noodles, big plate chicken, dumplings.
@J_L has a couple of posts about the place I believe.

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That’s where it’s at! The grilled beef tendon and beef roll are also great stuff.

Pictures from my latest visit at the MP location.

DaPangJi (Big Plate Chicken) - Superb. I posit that this is the best plate of pasta in L.A. right now.

(Pro-tip: Order extra noodles, beef tendon, and greens for best second round effect…)


I think I have overlook this place because I thought it was some mediocre chain…

I just HAD to come back for more… As if this dish cannot possibly get any better, it did.

There is more ‘Q’ in these noodles than a Star Trek: The Next Generation DVD boxed set…


Wait which northern cafe has the big plate chicken? Is it the temple city location or the Monterey park location?

I want to bookmark it for a visit but this thread is kind of confusing.

The MP location does but I’m not sure about the Temple City location.

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Monterey Park location (on Garfield)


Thanks @moonboy403 and @J_L

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Rowland location is now open, not sure if the menu is the same.

I shouldn’t be surprised when this dish hit the table mainly because in the name is “Big” but good Lord!

They don’t skimp on the chicken, no dry pieces here. Also in this orgy is wood ear mushrooms, potatoes, bell peppers, and onions. There is a little spice and a little cumin thrown in as well. The noodles are properly thick with a good chew. They open late not Garden Café late but midnight. They take cards and water is self served. Parking try the ABC Cafe lot.


The chicken is quite moist too.

As far as “Big Plate Chicken” goes, this is considered to be quite small, it’s typically a ginormous dish that can feed many people elsewhere.

I am glad to try it but personally not a fan of cumin spice/scent and this dish is very much oily, like stereotypically mainlander oily

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