Northern Vietnamese Pho

Who makes your favorite rendition of Northern Vietnamese pho?

I’m nominating Mrs A - Hanoi PHO in Torrance.


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::raising hand shyly::

How does North Vietnamese pho differ from non-North Vietnamese pho???

blander. no “salad topping”. heavy on ginger in stock, low use of cloves/cinn/fish sauce, heavy on scalions when served. often meat comes as a pile of chopped (cuz Northerners were too impoverished to have strength to slice beef? iunno) beef instead of sliced.

usually a target of mockery by non-Commie Southern Viets as an symbol of abject Northern poverty (and failure of Communism, etc). There’s a reason why [most] pho bac in LA is basically still Southern pho, and rarely is “authentic” (poverty) pho served in LA. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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The Northern pho noodles closely resemble Cantonese “hor fun” which are wider and flatter in addition, at least the ones in San Francisco Bay Area (Turtle Tower for example).

Thanks for the reply. May give ipse’s choice a try…