Nosh -- what is the current DoTM?

W/ all the CH drama, I totally forgot what the dish was. I think it is only fitting that DoTM is one of the first threads here…

(Whoops. Meant to post this on the LA board… But perhaps nosh can do that… =) ).

It’s taters, precious!

I just moved this to the LA Board.

Maybe you want to take the laboring oar on this until nosh joins us, if he does at all.

Yes, current Dish of the Month on L.A. Board is potatoes.

I am very conflicted about whether to continue with the nominations, voting and DotM threads going forward, and have told the moderators so.

Oh, no! =( Is there a reason you feel conflicted (feel free to e-mail, if you wish)? I don’t mind taking it over for, say, half a yr or so. I think people really enjoyed contributing.

In any case, thank you for handling those duties, so well and for so long!!

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