Not ideal, I Know. Group Sushi Dinner on West Side? Help please

Hey Gang,

I know a group of 12 heading out for sushi is far from ideal. But I’ve got clients in town that desperately want sushi following a day of meetings. Anyone have a good recco for a west side spot where the sushi is decent, a good time can be had and we won’t piss off everyone else in the restaurant? Huge thanks.

Echigo is roughly of the same quality as Sugarfish (and similar in style of warm rice/etc), slightly more expensive, and usually pretty empty.

Sushi Masu is a more “American” sushi restaurant that also has skewers/etc, for a lower price-point. Not as high-quality.

Not personally familiar with other places that could fit 12 comfortably on short notice.

I like Sushi Masu but I think you’ll have a hard time with 12.

Pardon the obvious, are these 12 just looking for rolls or what?

Thanks to you both. Honestly, we’ve got a mix of folks in the crowd. Some hardcore sushi fans and some roll centric folks as well. Echigo and Sushi Masu are as good of options as any. I tried talking them into Korean BBQ at Hanjip, but everybody was feeling the fish instead. We’ll make the most of it. Thanks again.

Do Hamasaku. It was born for this mission.

How about Katsuya in Brentwood?

I am not a huge fan of the sushi at Katsuya Brentwood, but it is a fun vibe and would suit you well. Along the same lines, you could do Katana on Sunset. The sushi is similarly serviceable, but again a fun vibe and great people watching.

after JLs review, i’d say Hamasaku too.

and that’s fucking joke.

but I have no personal knowledge on the matter.

I suspect this dinner already transpired but if not Noma on 20th and Wilshire could work. Good selection of rolls and nigiri and a loud enough atmosphere that twelve people won’t stand out too much.

Thanks to all of you. Dinner is next Tuesday and Hamasaku it is. Much appreciated.