Not specific to Boston - it's about veggie burgers

Just found FTC but this is something I would go to chowhound for…does anyone know or have bought/cooked praegers california veggie burgers? I’ve been eating these for years. Especially for breakfast under a fried egg. But recently, maybe over the past few years but not more than today, the flavor profile has changed. Today I actually got an upset stomach and was nauseated until I took something. Something definitely has changed…maybe too much corn, not sure but the flavor was kind of sicky, umm…how do I describe that…very processed, heavy and sicky taste. Not the light, fresh veggie taste I remember. Anyone have similar experience. I won’t buy them anymore. Do you have a frozen veggie burger that you love? BTW, I also have been a fan of their mushroom, quinoa, black bean and kale. I think all are heavier, maybe it’s the oil they’re using. I still want to try the Kale burgers one more time. And I’ll write to Dr. Praeger as well.


Thanks. This was right around the time when I first noticed a different taste. But looks like the original owners are still in charge so who knows why things have changed. All I know is that I won’t buy them anymore…looking for other tasty, heart-healthy veggie or plant-based burgers. Not easy to find …probably because I’m looking for low sat fat and low sodium and all frozen foods have a ton of sodium. Some more than others…looking for the others. Welcome any suggestions if you have found any. Best.

Make your own?