Noubar leaving Maison Giraud

One of the best bakers in town (IMHO) is leaving Maison Giraud. I saw it on the Maison Giraud Facebook site.

Anybody know where he’s going?

i heard he’s going corporate.

How much longer is he there? for those of us who haven’t made it out to the Palisades yet…

I think it’s too late. Yesterday was the last day. I assume they’ve saved the recipe!

Let’s hope the rest of the team is talented enough to execute it. Sometimes a good recipe is not enough…

I just had dinner with him at LQ Foodings. He’s going to Soho House in Hollywood. He said that he won’t be making his famous croissants there, which is a shame. Sunday was his last day so it’s too late to get one.

But I’m sure the remaining staff at Maison Giraud is well trained in making croissants so I’d be surprised if quality dips.