Nourish Kitchen + Table (West Village)

Took a detour from our original plans at Wallflower and ended up Nourish Kitchen + Table across the street.

Good choice on our part.

More takeout counter than actual restaurant (although there are a couple of seating options), the sweet potato noodles with lotus roots, roasted turnips and green onions was both refreshing and very satisfying, while the barley rice bowl with sesame crusted sweet potatoes, roasted cabbage, and a poached egg was like Korean bibimbap sans raw meat. Miso soup, while a bit thin and perhaps even aptly described as “watery,” still was quite savory and umami-laden.

Marble bundt cake and the chocolate (roasted) beet cake with goat cheese frosting was both worth the extra laps around Central Park the next morning.

Nourish Kitchen + Table
95 Greenwich Ave (x-street 12th St.)

Where else you checking out on your NYC jaunt?

Was there last month for a car event, hung out mostly in the West and South Village areas.

Will probably get around to recapping Adoro Lei, Sacco, Ko, as well as a few others, and perhaps most satisfying was rediscovering Annisa.