November 2018 Weekend Rundown

In honor of @ipsedixit. Have at it. Happy dining!


No pics

But hit Chic Filet, Dave’s Hot Chicken, and Tacos Arabes yesterday

Capital Seafood in Monterey Park. I’m literally here every weekend…

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After a crappy dinner at Bcd tofu house, I decided to go to Bulgarini


@ilykejordans That looks glorious.

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Oh is that Leo Bulgarini’s Ripassata???

Others may disagree but that dish imo has to be one of the best pastas in the whole Southern California area.

That sauce takes forever…just tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and a little salt.


I had a super healthy meal at Luv2Eat Thai the other day.

Curry - green means healthy

Jade Noodles - more greens

Moo Ping Pork - more greens

Sari Sari

Sisig fried rice - just okay, definitely more flavorful than the short rib, super heavy

Short rib - forgot the name and too lazy to look it up but it was just okay

I didn’t get the coconut pie, what the heck was I thinking??? Dumb me.

Coco Ichibaya

Minced beef cutlet and sausage

Hilltop Jamaican

Fried chicken, this was okay and should have gotten the oxtail or jerk chicken, but I love this damn festival bread

Extra festival cuz yum

Curry chicken pattie :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: and beef pattie

The Fields LA

Ms Chi - these chicken jaozi really sucked, mushy wrapper and bland filling. Good thing the veggie fried rice was pretty damn good, the best this I ate at this food hall

Barbara Jean - grabbed some pork ribs and meh, tender and fall off the bone but the sauce was meh and their was no smoke flavor, probably roasted the ribs. Also got the hummingbird cake, meh. Would not order both of these again as they typified mehville.

CJ Boyds

I had the Otium fried chicken sandwich, it was decent but doubt I would return for it. The chicken was juicy and tender, it was pretty well assembled, yet the flavors were just not great and did not balance. Not sure exactly what the chef is trying to achieve with these muddled flavors.

Nice space, mediocre food.


Oh no. Is @ipsedixit gone? I am having an ending of The Usual Suspects moment…trying to put a narrative together…

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@CiaoBob There’s been no confirmation of @ipsedixit whereabouts. I just imagine that he’ll be back when he’s free and ready. In the meantime, we just carry on because this is an informative and fun community.


Tricolore salad with parm and anchovy dressing at Mozza Newport.


Tacos La Guera…classy al fresco dining

Buche, al pastor, cabeza, suadero, lengua


My SO knows I’m not a big fan of dense and overly sweet American/western style cake, so he got me a strawberry shortcake from Nagomi Cake House in Gardena for my birthday, and man was it fantastic. Real whipped cream frosting (not that awful Cool Whip-tasting stuff that so many bakeries seem to use) that wasn’t too sweet, and fluffy light sponge cake. Since the season is over, the strawberries were pretty tart but it really wasn’t that big a deal since the cake was so damn good. This was one of the best Japanese style cakes I’ve ever had.


Happy birthday. Eat all the cake.


Happy birthday, @thechez5!

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Happy Birthday @thechez5! :slight_smile:

Have you tried the cakes at Patisserie Chantilly yet? They’re also thankfully not too sweet and quite enjoyable.

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Happy birthday, @thechez5!!

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Wurstkuche Venice! and Sidecar Santa Monica…IMG_1965|400x499


I have. I live 5 mins from there so I go pretty often. While very good, I actually prefer this strawberry cake at Nagomi. Can’t beat Chantilly’s cream puffs and other desserts, though.


Happy Belated Birthday Chezy!

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Kings Hawaiian, Paradise Cake. My Favorite