Nozomi yom kip omakase

g’mar tov. and i’m sorry-not-sorry.


sea bream


spanish mack





the bonito was the fave of the day.


Shameless logo placement. Atone, Sinosoul…

How was the uni? I’m not loving uni these days.

I’m also curious about the uni, was that blow torched?

It looks pretty fucking dope.

How much was the pricing again ???

I will say the SD uni I had at Kinjiro last week was very good. Sweet and without any fishy trace. Nicely torched.

The Santa Barbara uni in a cold custard was decent but lacking.

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sounds pretty fucking dope.

is that a cooked uni from Kinjiro ???

thanks mans.

yes it’s blowtorched. so the rice tasted like yaki onigiri, and the uni was a bit smoky. lovely, really, especially since it was just lunch.

i’m not a uni hound by any means though. ie., whether i have it is kinda irrelevant to the entire omakase experience.

looks good! where’s the lox whitefish and sable?

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$38, 10 pcs. I’ve gotten more than 10 every single time as I always skip on the bluefin.

worth the drive for me, probably not worth the drive from WLA/SaMo, especially if you love the cooked dishes at shunji.