NPR: LA's top restaurant Providence charts new waters in sustainable seafood

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Promising move to explore local marine fauna and flora. There has got to be more edible and sustainable variety in our waters besides crab, uni and the handful of fishes in them kelp rich waters.

Hope he unearths a mother load of percebes along the shores!!


They are definitely there! Check out the SD edition of Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Food - America

I was checking out the tide pools this weekend in Laguna and could have sworn I saw percebes looking things (except the stalk is much shorter) on the rocks.

Having said that I’ve never been wowed by any percebes I’ve had. Not worth the premium IMO.

i’m with you. it’s like eating a dinosaur foot.

You’re not supposed to eat the outside! :wink:

Inside is like a less tasty clam and often marred by sand.

Cue the obligatory … “So, how did the rest of the dinosaur taste? Dino balls?”


I heard the piece on NPR and read the LA Times version of this story

At this time I do not know what to think, and I guess I will not be able to know what to think until I taste the end product. But color me skeptical for now. If I am going to Providence I am looking forward to the Chef’s creations and expecting, at that price point, for the dishes to have been vetted, tested, and executed at a very high level. I am not much interested in being a test audience for what may be a very imaginative use of a very inferior product (The Ugly Bunch sounds just awful) for the noble, but elusive, goal of sustainability.

It’s chef humor. The Ugly Bunch has been on the menu for some time now and is gorgeous.

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i can’t speak towards the taste of the rest; i did see a pile of footless dinosaur carcasses outside the town square in bilbao, however.

It took a while, but you should be in luck soon.

Did a tasting this morning of some from Baja, they were delicious and price makes them even more appealing. Who knows what the Cimarusti’s of the world will mark them up though.


Nice! Can you ship 'em?

According to California Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations, gooseneck barnacles cannot be taken or possessed at anytime.

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Yes, gooseneck barnacles can be found along our Pacific coast. They can even be seen growing on the pilings along Santa Monica Pier.

Not yet.

The Fish and Wildlife allow for Sport harvest of Goosenecks and product
importation from Baja. Similar example might be like the CA Black Sea
Bass that is illegal in CA but perfectly legal to import from Baja.