Numerous LA Chinatown Restaurants Reopen

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance has put together a list of Chinatown restaurants that are apparently now open including Kim Chuy and Golden Dragon. Hopefully if you click the link it’ll download the PDF file to your computer.


Any indication when Chinese Friends will reopen? I heard ownership changed earlier this year, then COVID hit and they closed. Miss their house special shrimp and white shrimp.

I haven’t been to that part of Chinatown in a long while, but the Chinese American Citizens Alliance survey of Chinatown restaurants from a couple weeks ago had marked them down as open. Of course the situation is very fluid. For example, Keung Kee, one of the few Chinatown restaurants to stay open during March and April, appears to have shut in May while all of the other reopenings were in progress.

I’ve been calling their phone for a few mo the now and it always goes to voicemail. Their website was being updated stated they are still closed, now it doesn’t say that anymore and they are still not answering the phones.
I read they had an ownership change recently, anyone have further insight? Been going there for 35+ years.