NYC Council expected to pass a foie gras ban

Condolences from California, which banned it again last year.

Good article from Eater:

There are two sides to every story, but sometimes they’re the truth and a lie.

When the ban in CA was happening I heard it described as “going after low hanging fruit.”

Time for me to order a couple of them from Hudson Valley.

And it’s gone

Fuck. I’ve already got the Hudson Valley Foie site open. Time to shop.

Well, not quite yet. The ban doesn’t take effect for three years. Also, unlike California, this is not a state-side ban. Only applies to the five boroughs. There will probably be litigation, so we’ll see…

The ban’s not state-wide, but it might as well be, since NYC accounts for 30 percent of the national foie gras market. I doubt the rest of the state accounts for a significant percentage.

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