NYC omakase pricing

Noda ($285 pp) is now NOT including gratuity in their prices… that’s effectively a 15-20% increase in price, officially bumping it up to 2nd priciest omakase in NYC after Ginza Onodera dinner, and above Sushi Noz. I think right below Sushi Noz is Sushi Amane. Satsuki is now pricing down with a new chef (Anthony Inn - anyone know if he’s skilled / trained at the right places?)

This is getting really prohibitively expensive, especially since a lot of these places (including Noda) only offer around 10 pieces of nigiri, which is materially less than most high-end edomae omakase meals in Tokyo (that also charge less). Of course it’s more expensive to produce this in NYC with the cost of transporting ingredients and rent but it feels increasingly pushy.

Looking forward to the Yoshino opening and heard it’ll be around $300… wonder whether it’s going to include gratuity considering it’s in the high-rent Noho area. Gotta stick to Ginza Onodera lunches and Juku (if you’re with chef Kazuo, you can ask for the special extended $200 omakase with ~20 amazing pieces).

What is the point of this conversation in the present environment. This is likely all going to be very different when restaurants finally do reopen. Shoji was doing amazing value at the price point (~250 gratuity included).

Besides Kazuo, other great places in the 150-200 range: Omakase Room by Tatsu and the recently opened Nakaji (hope he persists after the shutdown). Love Kazuo, but his nigiri size are tiny tiny jewels. This fits certain tastes and moods (when you want to try a lot of variety and don’t want to get full) but I prefer the stronger impact of a larger piece.

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Speaking of which: NYC Sushi Delivery: Masa Sells an $800 Hand Roll Box - Eater NY

I enjoyed his restaurant over the years when he was based in L.A., but this is tone deaf.

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