NYC Pizza Thread

A thread dedicated to all things pizza related in and around the 5 boroughs.


Una Pizza Napoletana - LES

Neopolitan style pizza helmed by Anthony Mangieri. All the pizzas are exclusively prepared by him .


Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop - Greenpoint, Brooklyn


Sorbillo - East Village

Song E Napule - SoHo (NoHo)

Under the radar tiny Neapolitan style pizza joint.

Good sign when the staff and clientele look like they just came from a Supercoppa match. I rather enjoyed it.

Di Fara Pizza - Midwood, Brooklyn


Roberta’s NYC pop-up

Prince St. Pizza - SoHo




What’s been your favorite thus far?
Between you and @Chowseeker1999 its the summer of pizza.
We were there for July 4th and my favorite was Prince St. My kids loved Scarr’s. My wife’s favorite was the original Joe’s on 4th sSt

A few of the more memorable pizzas so far:

  • Paulie Gee’s square - good sauce and low-mo mozz
  • Joe & Pats vodka sauce slice on a Staten Island style cracker crust
  • Prince St. Square w pepperoni cups
  • Clam pizza - I’ve had it at Pasquale Jones and Motorino. Need to research more to see which place has the best. I just enjoy clam pizza
  • PQR - rec from @ipsedixit for Roman style pizza
  • Keste and Motorino are both good too. Not quite Neapolitan - a bit of a hybrid like Mozza.
  • 2 Bros Pizza - $1 slice. I hit this more often than I care to admit :smile:

Still haven’t developed an appreciation for the soggy centre Neapolitan style.

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Joe & Pats - Staten Island

Staten Island cracker crust pizza. I forgot which is which, vodka sauce slice is the bomb!

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Disappointed I wasn’t able to make it to the outpost in east village. Those slices look excellent.

Me too! I can’t resist ordering it whenever I see it. Despite the waiters in headsets and tourists lined up, I think Lombardi’s still makes a great clam pizza. I liked Pasquale’s better than Motorino.
First pic is Pasquale Jones from a few weeks ago. Second pic is one I made on the grill.

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@Sgee Are they still in Madison Square Park?

Same here… I used to hit the one in St Marks on a regular basis. So easy to pull out a $1 and get a slice in return. The high turnover means you’re usually getting a fresh (vs. reheated) slice.

I like roberta’s a lot! I’ve only had the ones in the various food halls but they’re always solid.

@NYCtoLA, There was no Madison Square Eats this spring. Urbanspace, which runs it, announced that it’s being “retooled,” and it will be back in the fall. Roberta’s has always been one of the vendors, so I imagine it will be again.

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@brisket44 thanks for the Lombardi clam pizza tip! Your version on the grill looks very legit

@NYCtoLA yeah I’ve been waiting for the Urbanspace pop-up all year. Much more convenient for me vs. trekking to Brooklyn.

The 2 bros recently introduced an ‘upscale’ concept, I tried it a couple weeks ago, first off sticker shock, my Sicilian was over $5 with scanty portions of pepperoni. I’ll stick to their $1 offerings and continue to source my squares elsewhere.

@RGR thanks for the update on the Urbanspace retooling

Interesting! They tried this before though, with Totale Pizza, and it didn’t last long. I went once or twice. Will be interesting to see how this new venture goes.

Thanks, very interesting indeed.

So if I only have time for 2 pizza joints in Brooklyn what do y’all think? Paulie G’s and Roberta’s?

I need slices or small pies I can eat by myself.