NYC splurge dinner?

Hey all, my two year stint in NYC is coming to an end. To celebrate my departure, I’m thinking I need to hit one of the better spots in the city. Where should I go? I’m going to Blue Hill at Stone Barns moderately soon, so looking for something other than that.

Not too interested in Per Se, nor any of the upscale French places.

My shortlist is Momofuku Ko, EMP, Aska, Agern, or that Empellon tasting menu spot. Any suggestions?

Brooklyn fare

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Ahh forgot all about Brooklyn Fare. You think it will suffer at all now that it’s in Manhattan?

I wouldn’t think so since chef Ramirez is there nightly.

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Atera for an extravaganza, followed closely by Ko.

If you want to do a ramen tasting menu then Yuji Ramen in Williamsburg is your answer.

For something totally different try Bohemian. Literally, try it. As in try to get in. But if you do, it’s well worth it. (I’d help you out but I’m already referring two other reservations. Sorry, I suck. I know.)

Le Bernardin tasting menu is on my NY wish list.

Also, Aureole, and I second Atera.

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Regarding Bohemian, this is totally one of those things you shouldn’t have told me about! :smile:.

Is it that good? How’d you originally get in?

Amex concierge put me in touch with another client (after clearing it with that client first).

Hmm, perhaps I’ll give them a call. Thanks for the tip!

RE: Bohemian. You can find the number online with some googling. Also, you can send an email, as indicated on its website. Both work

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They don’t take solo reservations. Unless that has changed with move to Manhattan.

Aureole has been second tier for about 8-10 years. Nothing amazing.

Are you into sushi? We have some world class sushi in Manhattan. As well as kaiseki. Ichimura re-opens in January.

Also, Betony and Bouley close after the new year, so it might be nice to get in a meal there before they end forever.

Other ideas:
del Posto
Le Coucou - NYT darling right now so hard to get a table.

You really can’t go wrong with EMP.

Thanks, did not know that. I will strike it from my list!

What are some of the better kaiseki places in town? Would rather do that rather than a straight omakase. I’m not the most interested in Le Coucou at the moment (did Spring and loved it but am looking for something a little different) but I’ll definitely consider del Posto and Betony. Bouley never struck my fancy!

Thanks for the advice!

Kyo ya

With the caveat that I am not well-versed in kaiseki, the top seem to be:
David Bouley’s brushstroke in Tribeca and Kyo Ya.

I suggest you look for online reviews as I can not offer them.

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@set0312, As I wrote in this post on my blog, betony’s final meal will be tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

Those who remember me from CH know that Mr. RBI and I have been regulars at EMP for many years. So, no surprise that I would encourage you to go there. While they offer only a tasting, they now give you choices for several of the courses. For some people, one of the drawbacks is that you have to reserve on Tock (though easy to navigate) and pay in advance for the meal as well as the wine pairings if you choose go with that. If you prefer to order a bottle or by the glass or have a cocktail, you will received a bill for just that at the end of the meal. While I know you’re thinking of dinner, you might want to consider doing lunch which is served Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is exactly the same meal as in the evening, the space during the day is gorgeous, and it’s usually easier to get a reservation for lunch than for dinner.

Two other places you might want to consider where we dine regularly are The Modern Dining Room and Gabriel Kreuther. Both have superb cuisine, A+ service, and lovely ambiance. Also, both offer the option of doing either a 4-course prix-fixe or a tasting menu.

Wherever you decide to go, I hope you have a lovely time.

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I really enjoyed the kaiseki tasting menu at Shuko recently.

Kyo Ya as mentioned above is also quite good.

One other thought, for a dessert splurge, consider the tasting menu at U.P., Dominique Ansel’s tasting-menu dessert restaurant.

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