NYC trip 2016. anything else to add to this list?

I actually have reservations at Marea and Tori Shin, and also preordered some cronuts. Beyond that, everything here is just bookmarked so I’ll always have something good close by. Anything else I should add or remove from this list?

I am staying at these hotels, so recommendations close to here would be great:
218 W 35th St, New York, NY 10001
1717 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

Here’s my list:
Momosan Ramen & Sake
Don Antonio
Kesté Pizza & Vino
Dominique Ansel Bakery
Pearl Oyster Bar
Prince Street Pizza
Ramen Lab
Harry & Ida’s Meat and Supply Co.
Pastrami Queen
Le Bernardin
15 East
Best Bagel & Coffee
Halal Guys Food
Di Fara Pizza
Sergimmo Salumeria
Shake Shack
Best Pizza
Williamsburg Pizza - Brooklyn
NY Pizza Suprema
Sushi Yasuda
Totto Ramen
Épicerie Boulud

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Russ & Daughters, if you’re interested in smoked fish. And I don’t see any Chinese restaurants on your list - is that intentional?

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I did R+D/Katz last go 'round and I’m not particularly inclined to return. I’ll give R+D another chance if I’m geographically close to their new location, but my understanding is the hotels that I’m at are pretty far away from R+D.

Coming from SoCal I’m not particularly hungry for chinese food, but I’ve been meaning to try x’ian famous foods for eons (just to check it off the list). Beyond that, I considered Mission Chinese for a while (once again to check it off the list) but it didn’t seem THAT compelling to me.

Ok, then! I’m not Mission Chinese’s biggest fan, so I certainly won’t try to convince you to eat there. I like Xi’an a lot, and I also like Yunnan BBQ. It’s a style you may not have encountered in SoCal. It’s on the LES, though, so if R&D isn’t convenient, Yunnan won’t be, either.

oh damn XFF on 34th is only 2-3 blocks from my hotel - this might finally happen.

You ever eaten at Peter Luger’s? It’s in Brooklyn so maybe too far out of your way, but if you find yourself in the area definitely worth a visit. It’s an institution that lives up to its reputation. If you’re around at lunch time, you can order their burger to go (only offered during lunch). It’s about $12 dollars and is one of the top three burgers I’ve ever eaten. It only has three ingredients: Patty, raw onion, cheese (optional), and is damn near perfection.

Also in Brooklyn (Greenpoint) on Friday morning Acme Fish opens its warehouse and sells its smoked fish wholesale. It’s fun to stop by and gorge yourself on all manner of fishies:

I have Monday in Brooklyn but my hotel seems pretty far away from all the action…need to rectify that. You are not the first person who has suggested the PL Burger.

Where are you staying in Brooklyn?

As of right now, 181 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. That might change in a few hours.

Lots of pizza but not so much Italian besides Marea.

Maybe Osteria Morini on the lower end for pasta?

NYC excels over LA for Italian, French, and high end sushi.

Aquavit if you want some Scandinavian.

Red Rooster for some Marcus Samuelson in Harlem?

Spanish Harlem for Puerto Rican food? Cause PR food in LA sucks. Get some pernil and mofongo.

Here are some recommendations for that area (bear in mind these may be somewhat dated as it’s been a few years since I’ve eaten at them, but worth looking into):

al di la Trattoria - Park Slope mainstay. Husband and wife team that have been killing it for over a decade.

Dover - I had a really nice meal here a couple of years ago, including the best cauliflower dish of my life.

Palo Santo - Tucked away on a residential street of brownstones in Park Slope, I remember stumbling on this place and wondering how a restaurant ever got a permit to operate here. It’s totally charming and the food from what I remember was quite good.

In terms of getting from where you’re staying to North Brooklyn - should you decide to do so - do not underestimate the efficiency of the buses. The G train is pretty crappy service wise but the buses can hop you from south to north darn quick.

Thanks for doing my work for me!

Do you have any interest in trying any David Chang restaurants? I will definitely be getting Fuku chicken sandwich but also thinking about looking into Ko or maybe Noodle Bar.

I did the fried chicken dinner @ Momofuku Noodle Bar last go around, it was a ton of food for 4 people and a pretty good value. Good chicken to boot.

I have reminders to try to get reservations @ Momofuku Ko (they do 14 days in advance for counter seating). If that fails, I will go to Ssam Bar for lunch (probably).

I have never actually gotten Momofuku’s Ramen though.

Thanks for the reminder - gotta add those to the map!

@Porthos - Nice… You’re really good at this.

Wait, What? NYC excels over LA for


Skip Momofuku noodle bar.

Try to do Momofuku Ssam Bar for dinner. A significant step up over lunch. The grilled mackeral and anchovies are very good.

Mori is excellent but never more than half full and sometimes less than 1/4 full.

Face it, most of LA likes that Sasabune/Katsuya sushi stuff. Gari LA should do well with all the toppings and stuff.

NYC has lots of high end players. All packed. You actually end up paying less at many places since they have more turnover and can cover overhead. Recently, Yasuda was far cheaper than Mori and we ate like champs.

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Agree with @Porthos nyc has la beat in sushi

Ichimura at brushstroke
15 east
Brooklyn fare

Awww… I see.

You’re just in time for Grand Banks.

Get some oysters and a few lobster rolls, take in the little sailboats on the harbor and a Big Apple sunset, and then wash it all down with a few craft cocktails (the Painkiller is good, if a bit goofy).

Opening May 3.

that sounds AWESOME. but 8:45p on a Wednesday is the earliest reservation time for my trip D:

I booked it anyway, we’ll see.