NYT: Los Angeles: City of Breakfast


Thanks for the article @ipsedixit. :slightly_smiling: It’s nice to see some recognition of our city’s fine breakfast offerings. Definitely feels like we’re spoiled at times (with how many amazing breakfast options we have).

ugh, just knew Sqirl would be mentioned in the article. I…just…don’t…get…it…


NYT following Eater LA’s lead with breakfast week last week?

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I was gonna say the same thing… Quite a coup for Eater, if you ask me, having the NYTimes follow your coattails.

We are indeed one lucky city at the moment…

Brunch at Gjelia


Someday I want to see a fried egg on top of a plate of scrambled eggs, all of nestled on a bed of tamago.



You can’t even get decent pancakes during the fucking weekday.

I love Los Angeles, but if this is the best breakfast city in the country, then we have failed as a nation.

All of the great breakfast foods available are only available on the weekends. Apparently no one fucking lives in this city the other fucking FIVE DAYS out of the week…

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The food tastes real good and is unique.

Or do you mean you just don’t get the large lines? That’s because it’s extremely communally driven.

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of all people they quote that schmendrick, phil rosenthal? yeesh.

Hey, it’s Oscar week.

Any real CAA client is going to be busy. Even the non-employed ones.

New Yorkers only care about celebrity status.

I wasn’t going to even read the fucking ridiculous article, but it’s literally a jocular PR listing with some celebrities tossed in LMAO

Knead & Co. just opened…and if you show up for that egg raviolo, they will tell you they aren’t serving them yet.

And do people eat breakfast at Jon & Vinny’s, or are they just purely doing PR? lmao Every time I’ve eaten breakfast there I’ve literally been the only non-staff person in the restaurant. I imagine they are hoping to change that.

The hilarity of the PR at work makes the “article” literally read like a piece from The Onion…holy shit…

The only realtalk was the Zach Brooks quote at the end which parodied the inane absurdity of the entire article…idk if intentional, or the NYT people really have their heads that far up their asses…

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My breakfast consists of locally sourced (by me) bananas from Trader Joes and coffee. If I’m feeling adventurous, I get their multigrain frozen waffles and almond butter.


I find the food there to be bad to average, thus don’t get the popularity of the place.

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Unless it’s early bird, I’ve soured on going out for breakfast. Especially on the weekend. I feels like a non-event that trips up the day. I’d much rather have a simple breakfast then have a good lunch.

That said, any recommendations for chilaquiles? I’ve been wanting to go out to La Casita Mexicana for a while but haven’t made the trek yet. I saw someone mention Taqueria Los Anaya in the Best Mexican in LA thread. Also looked back and found @TonyC’s pic from Loteria in the Jan Weekend Rundown thread that looked goooood. Haven’t tried Trois Familia, largely due to my said recent sourness for breakfast/brunch events.

city of breakfast?

if by breakfast you mean Rocio’s chilaquiles with Oaxaqueno mole, and a brown bagged tall boy of Modelo at 10am… Yah, I eat the hell out of breakfast.

i wouldn’t know anything about anything on that NYT list cept sqirl jams are sexy.

edit: @President_Mochi jinx.


Dang. 'quiles kismet.

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Los Anaya is very good. Lots of people, me included loved the chilaquiles at the now defunct Pepy’s in Mar Vista. Luckily the cooks were all hired at Coppelia’s further east on Venice, in the same center as Sofra and the halal market. They now also offer a green chile version that I like.

One caveat, I haven’t gone in a few months and apparently the restaurant side owner left. Not sure if that will affect the quality of the food.

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Gonna have to be more specific lol