OC Register 50 best taco list

Not to beat the dead horse of lists here but so far so good on the 2 I tried.

Tacos Los Cholos really did a great job grilling steaks. Hit perfect medium rare on the ribeye and the costillas de res mulita was great. Strawberry horchata was unexpected but throughly enjoyed by son. Don’t love the tortillas here though.

Fonda Moderna was fantastic. 3 for 3 with birria, cecina and Jamaica al pastor. Knew I wanted tacos there but couldn’t recall where I had read about it so I asked for a recommendation which was the cecina and was a knockout. Definitely want to go back for the guisado 5 taco sampler. The Jamaica al pastor was sweet and spicy and definitely worth a try if not something I would choose vs. Pork al pastor.


Would you mind listing the 50 places for people without a subscription? If not no biggie.

Try this link. I don’t have a subscription but was able to see it by just turning off add blockers.