[OC Register] These 75 restaurants are the best places to eat in Orange County in 2017

The 2017 version. I don’t even know why we waste any time looking at this list.

There are only 16 restaurants in North OC on the list. So many restaurants on the list that are laughable.

I don’t see my Trieu Chau, Gyutan Tsukasa, Pho 79, Kareem’s, OC Rotisserie, Mos 2, Ohshima, Los Reyes Del Elote, El Gaucho Market, Phat Ky Mi Ga, Han Yang, Sushi Noguchi, Break Of Dawn, Kitakata, Cafe Hiro, Burritos La Palma,

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There are so many more missing. The fact that places like Reunion, Javiers and Sushi Roku make the list every year is too funny.

It should win an award for worst restaurant list ever made, for sure. lol

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And there he puts that BBQ place from Pacific City. :joy::joy::joy:

It is actually hard to believe that it isn’t satire of some sort

I mean it IS OC Register…the target market for that paper generally won’t be found at Trieu Chau come 7am Wednesday.

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A friend of ours has both of his places in the top 30, so it works for us. That said, there are some clinkers on the list. We love Carmelita’s (RSM) - also a location in Laguna, but no mention.

The problem with this Brad Johnson guy is he heaps praise on himself, declaring his lists the end-all-be-all as if he’s some guru who’s tried everything, but his tastes are very pedestrian.

You can’t have a top 75 in OC list and leave off both Vientiane or Nakorn, and have no mention of any of the Middle Eastern gems in Anaheim like Olive Tree. The list clearly isn’t written by someone truly educated about cuisines of the world.

I mean, he implies that the best sushi is the “freshest.” I don’t agree.

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Saigon Bakery
J Zhou
Tacos San Pedro
Chef Hung
Bella Cuba
Potzol Den Cano
Mas Chinese Islamic

Just off the top of my head.


If I may, allow me to add to that list.


The real fucking list right here mmmm

I didn’t look but did Bluegold or LSXO make it kntk the shitty list?

If not they also deserve places on the real list.

If you are going to post 3 times, you might actually read the list.

Why? Lol

The fact that Bluegold isn’t on the list and LSXO is at 40 is still laughable. I glanced at the top of 15 and it was so horrendous it wasn’t worth continuing on.

The distribution is off. I don’t really know what else to say. Santa Ana has 3 of the top 75 places to eat in the OC. Newport down to San Clemente has ~30 total. Very cute.


The distribution does seem wonky. I only venture as far as SJC, but only because I’m a member at Rancho Capistrano Winery and my cousins live close by.