Occassion Cakes in Santa Barabara?

Will be spending this weekend in Santa Barbara visiting friends. Hubby’s birthday happens to be Friday. Was thinking of Jeannine’s for carrot cake. Other than Jeannine’s and Reynaud’s, any suggestions for a traditionalish cake?

Crushcakes has excellent cupcakes and will do a cake like concoction. I used them for an engagement party for my son and they spelled out congratulations and their names on the cupcakes and then I brought it out after dinner like a cake.

Thanks Rosie, I will keep it in mind for next year’s festivities. I ended up with Jeanine’s carrot cake. Impressive looking but I felt it lacked a bit in taste. Kind of homoginized. I liked the addition of coconut for texture but I couldn’t really taste it- nor could I really detect carrot or pineapple. I did get a turkey sandwich to go which was very tasty!