October 2022 Rundown

got influenced by @hungryhungryhippos
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Kinn (Koreatown)… A tremendous eight-course tasting menu, served in an intimate setting, with luxe ingredients like abalone, Santa Barbara uni, and hen of the woods, all at an incredibly affordable price point: Huge bites with huge QPR. Thanks, Chef Kim!


Midnight snack?

if you haven’t tried @hppzz’s homemade tofu pudding yet message him now for his next drop. it’s impossibly silky, light and refreshing and has just the right balance of sweetness and spice from the ginger syrup, “not too sweet.” I can easily identify as vegan eating this. the next best thing to needle’s almond jello.

get it before influencers like @chrishei start shaking him down for 5 star yelp reviews and he stops making it.


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Too late. I already paid him off for $0.69 in exchange for good yelp review and an ube and pandan tofu pudding for a FTC review :sweat_smile:


The night stretched on… #LiteralistInTheHouse


That tofu pudding is out of this world! Best I’ve ever had. The tofu was beyond silken, melt-in-your-mouth light and I could actually taste the ginger in the ginger syrup. I ate the entire container in one go without even realizing it. I also brought home the bing fen and soy milk, which my aunt and uncle scarfed when they came to visit. You know it’s good when they (a) eat the whole thing, (b) don’t complain, and (c) say, “it’s not too sweet.” I guess I’m gonna have to get some more so I can actually taste it!


identified as vegan today and got hei-fluenced by @chrishei

weiser family farms red flame grape

weiser family farms arava melon, red flame grape, balinese vanilla


Welp, October is off to a healthy start.

Fried chicken at Citrin’s new fast-casual place (Augie’s on Main). The place is pretty much a (high-end) shack. You order at a kiosk and then someone squeezes a rubber chicken (no, seriously) to alert you when the food is ready for pick up.

I was hoping that eating in (the patio) would reduce the chances of my fried chicken’s crust getting steamed. Nope. The part under the bun still dissolved. Rrr. Partner’s fried chicken emerged relatively unscathed. If you imagine a fast-food fried chix sandwich done to a very high standard, then you have a good idea of what you’re getting here. Do wish that the batter had some type of stronger seasoning (flavor is otherwise coming from the cole slaw). Slaw as a side was surprisingly sweet at the top of the container but more balanced lower down, so maybe someone needed to toss it (more) b/f serving? Fries were very good.

Enjoyable, but not worth a detour unless you’re already in the area.

Decided to drive down to Heritage. They’ve translated their menu for Oktoberfest.

The pork knuckle was a fatty and decadent delight. The top surface of the fat cap was crispy perfection. It is served on a bed of… pastrami. Could’ve used a touch less mustard on the pastrami. Had I known that it was coming w/ its own side, I think I might’ve ordered less. But, you only live once (and perhaps not for that long, if you keep eating this stuff…).

Char siu was a bit sweet.

It was all excellent EXCEPT the cornbread, which was SO, SO dry. The biscuit is from FKN Bread, the bakery across the street. It was wonderful, although it really more like focaccia and biscuit had a baby. Not sure if Heritage has any butter on-hand (would’ve gone wonderfully w/ the biscuit).

Decided to get some items from FKN to go. The only loaves they had left were day-old (and still quite good). My loaf is not TOO far off from this, but their crumb is so soft w/o being wet. Not quite dry enough for the croutons I made later that day.

Oat choc chip and almond butter cookies were very good. Their tomato and cheese (or cheese and herb?) scone was, like their biscuit, a bit of a hybrid (scone + focaccia). I noticed that their menu had avocado toast listed for $8, so LA pricing didn’t make it this far south.


I was very tempted, but wasn’t enthusiastic about making the trip south.

I thought they used to make their own jalapeño corn muffins…I could have eaten half a dozen of those alone. They were quite fantastic.

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Oh, you should’ve gone! We finally could’ve met! :slight_smile:

I should’ve been clearer about the baked stuff. The menu specifically says that “FKN biscuit,” while the cornbread has no such specifier. So I assume that the biscuit the only thing not made in house. The “biscuit” is the rectangular thing in the lower R hand corner of the tray.

I’ve also loved the cornbread each time I’ve had it at Heritage (and I am generally a cornbread fan), which is why I was disappointed that it was not good this time around. The top of the muffin really was as dark as it looks in the pic, so I think it was just overbaked.

BTW, the person helping us to order is the daughter of the owners! I wonder if the person assisting w/ orders (also a younger female) is also a daughter.

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Ditto. Always a crowd pleaser. Hopefully just an anomaly. The pork knuckle looks great.


Lad Nah Silom - super tasty, all dishes $10. Walked to a nearby liquor store for BYOB beers, awesome vibes and awesome food. Sure, portions are a tad on the small side, but these 3 dishes comfortably fed 2 hungry men for $15/each so :man_shrugging:

Pad Thai - as good as it gets

Rad Na - got with crispy noodles, so it hits like the Cantonese dish I had a lot growing up, but ever so different. Velvetized beef with a ton of white pepper finish. Veg perfectly cooked and just a fun way to eat soggy-crispy noodles.

Kra Pow - Anis-y fragrant and powerful. I think a little on the dry side, and not as good as the 2 noodle dishes, still tasty though!


oh they have krapow now?!? I was just there, must be a brand new thing. Do they offer a choice of meat/tofu?

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Yup! I saw that they had the kra pow on one of the screens and i figured why not? I don’t remember if there were any meat options, just got the default for everything


Krapow is the most popular Thai dish amongst Thai’s, hands down. Every Thai loves this dish.

Easy to make at home.

I start with shallots, garlic, and chiles. Add ground meat. Add sauce (oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar, and just enough water to help thin it out). Finish with basil. If you can get holy basil even better but Thai or Italian basil would do. Thai style fried egg and rice to finish it off. Fish sauce with chiles if you want some more flavor and spice. One of the greatest dishes imo I crave it all the time.


A really amazing dish. I have to thank Chef John for the intro to it. Spicy Thai Basil Chicken (Pad Krapow Gai) - How to Make Spicy Basil Garlic Chicken - YouTube


Sanamluang Cafe does my favorite version, though lately they’ve been skimping on the holy basil. Started growing my own, it’s absurdly easy.


Also Big Has does a solid version:


Have you been making pad krapow at home?

Also have you tried Holy Basil DTLA pad krapow?