October 2023 Rundown

welcome to october :jack_o_lantern:


Interesting to see another Japanese Thai Izakaya open so close to Kinkan this weekend!
Curious to see if anyone from FTC visited Budonoki in Virgil village yet?


Partner is in HI right now and sent this pic to me. I have no idea where he got it from.


Musubi and what else?

He didn’t tell me! (he’s at a workshop and flying out later tonight)

Looks like 3 fried pieces of… something (chicken?). A sausage. And a slice of fish cake.

SPAM musubi
Hawaiian wiener
Mochiko chicken???


I haven’t made musubi in too long. I have the ingredients on hand all the time so no excuse.

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Post in home cooking! :slight_smile:

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I’ll find a recipe. I’ve made it so many times that I don’t remember the details? Did you ‘know’ Sam F? He was a big fan and advised me :slight_smile:

No, I don’t know Sam F. at all. Is that someone from the CH days?

I went yesterday! But full disclosure, I’m pals with the owners. First, biased impressions were this: the space is very fun. (My hope is that the music settles into something a little less top 40, lolz.)

Skewers were legitimately very good. Loved the pork jowl. Also the pandan/pineapple soft serve was insane.

My main takeaway was that Budonoki is a fun place to eat. Not sure it’ll ever be an FTC darling, but I was super happy there.


Catching up on some meals from the last few months.

Heavy Handed in Santa Monica - short rib smash burger + beef tallow fries. The QC on the fries is incredible, every single one was crispy. Solid burger too.

Bread Head in Santa Monica - focaccia sandwich pop-up in a juice bar. Good ingredients and bread. Got the muffaletta + roast beef.

Little Jewel of New Orleans in Chinatown - catfish platter + jambalaya. Don’t know why it took me so long to try this place, can’t wait to return.

Radna Silom in Thaitown - ka prow, rad na w/ crispy noodle, pad thai. We ordered the bigger portions for the noodle dishes. Loved all of it.


I saw the sign a few wks ago. Is it a pop up? It looked like an actual store was coming in across the street from Sweetgreen (or maybe it’s a pop up until the shop is ready?).

Looks very tasty; thanks for posting.

Across from which Sweetgreen did you see the sign? It must be a pop-up until the shop is ready because this was inside a juice bar called JuneShine – you have to order from a different guy at the end of the bar. Forgot to take a pic of their menu, they had a few other sandwiches on offer!

Sweetgreen on Montana.

Okay, I wasn’t hallucinating:


Ah good to know, I didn’t even think to look for a website! It was literally next door to Heavy Handed, so I just wandered in while walking off those beef fat fries.

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Tavern Tomoko after a Malibu Creek hike. For those interested thanks to the tropical storm and several other unseasonal, but deeply appreciated, bouts of rain Malibu Creek is already turning green!
Back to food; I strayed from my usual order of a Tomoko burger (it is my favorite burger in the area despite the Oybar’s coming close) and went with robata skewers; the protein sampler with pork belly, ribeye, chicken thigh, and chicken meatball, and the best thing on the menu, grilled avocado. So good especially washed down with Ladyface IPA. Highly recommend if you are in the Agoura Hills area.


Blue Bottle Studio

mix the Flower and Cherry, Leaves keep separate

Soluble broth

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Short Cup grabs brush sliding the mountain, finding Au Lait after the falls

Digestif and a walk

“it’s function is to obliterate the tastes that have come before” jf

“there are milk drinks and there are milk drinks” jf


Looks pretty cool, how was it?!


Is this basically a tasting menu w/ coffees?