October rundown

Tim Ky noodle, Mira mesa: wonton noodle soup, bbq pork fried rice. Would love if this place was really good, even as good as something like Phoenix food boutique in LA, but it’s just decent.

Regents pizza, UTC: meat lovers Chicago deep dish and spaghetti and meatballs: the pie was definitely deep and certainly expensive. The taste didn’t really come off as Chicago to me but I liked it anyway (better than Leftys and not as good as Berkeley in SD). Spaghetti was pretty bad.

Bibigo, UTC: bibimbap, simple, cheap, and pretty good

Tofu house, Kearny mesa: tofu soup. Went cause line for TNH was too long. Very good, much better than Mira mesa location.

Mariscos German, Escondido brick and mortar: LOVE this place. Everything is good.

Green China grill, convoy: beef roll (good, much better than Liangs, same concept but different than say 101 noodle in LA), spicy oil noodles (surprisingly good, simple dish with good chewy nonmushy homemade fat noodles), 3 cold dishes (all good)

Myung In Dumplings, in Zion market: dumplings and steamed buns (nothing fancy but pretty good)

Mi rancho market, Escondido: pre-toasted chile de arbols (gonna save lots of time on my salsas)

Their specialty is 拉面 (or hand pulled noodles), and the Laznhou beef noodle soup is pretty good, esp. if you enjoy a cleaner tasting broth compared to the more popular Taiwanese/Beijing version. I’m a fan of their sour cabbage fried rice.

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Ariana Cuisine up in Mira Mesa. Good goat curry and lamp chops. Both pair well with their bolani.

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