OK, Jason Does Fort Worth . . . and Dallas

My wife and I are going to visit friends in Ft. Worth (actually just west of Ft. Worth), and we’ll be there on a Friday through Monday – in other words, three dinners, and four lunches. Looking for classic only in Texas meals . . . our friends will actually be setting up the reservations, but if there’s a Must Eat At ______________, I’d love to hear it. Also . . . any great espresso about?


I’m taking these to heart, and thank you for the recommendations. Anything in Ft. Worth?

P.S. We’ve been to Lonesome Dove and Grace

I haven’t had much luck in Ft. Worth to be honest.

A few places to consider (disclaimer I’ve not dined at any of them). I have them on my list to check out next time I’m in town. Listed on Texas Monthly’s Top 50 BBQ - Cousin’s BBQ, Longoria’s BBQ. Seemingly popular - Smokey’s BBQ. I’d avoid Coopers in the stockyards, disappointing.

I no longer put much weight on the Texas Monthly Top 50 list (at least in Dallas metro), about half of them listed in the Dallas area were pretty disappointing. The only 3 I’d recommend in descending order are Pecan Lodge, Hutchins and Lockhart BBQ.

I dined at Smoke a couple of years ago and found it decent, a more varied BBQ menu - appealing to a broader audience. Local’s seem to prefer the new location in Plano though.

good luck, please post any gems you come across.

Slow Bone is surprisingly good, if not in an uncool part of town.

It’s worth mentioning “Smoke” is a completely d’frent beast from Pecan/Lockhart/Slow Bone. It’s sit-down with proper napkin. They use seasonable/sustainable/local/blah-blah-blah ingredients, and, it costs 50% more for similar products, and, you can’t order meat by the lb.

Revolver Taco in the FW Museum District
Cane Rosso FW Museum District
Muang Lao off Beach and 820 in N. FW…stick to the Laotian menu and ask for suggestions for the most authentic dishes
Pappas or Knife both in Dallas for Steak…the latter can be pricey but it is the best
TJs Seafood in North Dallas…very good seafood
Saravanaa Bhavan in Irving for South Indian Vegetarian Thali service…will change you mind about Indian vegetarian
Kumar’s in Plano for South Indian meat and veg
Indian Underground in Irving for North Indian
Lal-Quila in Carrollton for Pakistani…great naan, haleem, Sabri nihari
Sunday go to the Thai market at Wat Dallas for great authentic Thai dishes…think a street food setup
Pho 95 in Arlington is my got to now for the North Vietnamese dish Bun Cha Ha Noi…great grilled meats (vermicelli and rice plates)
If you have to hit up a Tex-Mex place got to Mi Dia from Scratch in Grapevine
If looking for the authentic Middle Eastern experience that has great spread for cheap I would highly recommend Sultan’s Café in Richardson…think predominately male hookah bar with great food.
If looking for more Afghani/Persian then Kabobi in Richardson is the best.
Good takes on North Vietnamese I would say Mot Hai Ba in Dallas
Authentic Vietnamese, let me know what dish you are after and I can throw out some suggestions.
Also not sure if you are into Chinese but I can throw you some suggestions there.

The flash fried pizza at Partanope in downtown Dallas is tasty, memorable, and unique, at least for the U.S. Apparently it’s a real thing called Montanara in Italy.

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Montanara’s been around the US for a while. I had it at A16 Oakland a few years ago.

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South End and L’antica Pizzeria da Michele have both had versions when I’ve gone

A16s version is great

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