Oklahoma City?

Will be here in the fall for a few days.

Is there anything worth our while?


Definitely get a burger! I spent like 24 hours there on a covid road trip. Went to Tuckers, was very good for that category, though there may be better onion burgers. There’s also a Viet food scene.

Fascinating little place, especially the city’s founding and the bombing. This article encapsulates.


Used to pass through regularly driving a child back and forth back east for college. The bombing memorial is very affecting, and so odd that few people remember the event with any meaning. Trite though it may be, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse is worth a trip. Excellent steaks served in a uniquely no frills setting. Surprisingly reasonsable prices for high quality steak. Solid wine list as well.


Best Chef: Southwest (AZ, NM, NV, OK)

Andrew Black, Grey Sweater, Oklahoma City, OK
Jeff Chanchaleune, Ma Der Lao Kitchen, Oklahoma City, OK
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A friend liked Nonesuch a lot. Sort of an Oklahoma Noma.


We had an abbreviated experience here due to time constraints.

It’s worth noting that if you are hungry after 10PM, your options are fast food and DoorDash. In those instances, at least there’s Waffle House.

We had lunch at Kitchen 324 at the suggestion of one of the folks at the Art Museum. While the potato leek soup wasn’t as good as promised, the $9 cocktails and seating in the courtyard might have made up for it. The omelette was competent, though slightly over and the French Dip was okay.

While on a tour of the city with friends, we ended up at Clark Crew Barbecue. I tried smoked bologna for the first time…and found that it was pretty salty. Their brisket was okay as were the burnt ends. The sides were significant. Creamed corn, fried okra, bbq baked beans, mac & cheese. A full bar with a cherry limeade cocktail was pretty cool, too.

If you fly out of OKC airport, grab a custard from Freddy’s. Both vanilla and chocolate are great.

We may be out this way more often so maybe I’ll be able to try an onion burger at some point.