Olympic Noodle - Korean

In the same family of Korean as Ma Dang Good Soo and Myung Dong Kyoja is a place we go to the most in Korea town. Both coworkers for lunch and family have become addicted and I thought it’s worth mentioning here separately

What’s really attractive is that it’s fairly small and they focus on a small menu and it’s a very quick drive on Olympic and easy in easy out every time but all the food is super fresh and tasty. Some of the best kimchi I’ve had is theirs.

What they focus on and do really well are the most popular wheat flour noodle chicken soups Dak Kalguksu

beef option available as well…

they also make their own dumplings which are just lovely and light

their red bean noodle is a crazy hearty winter soup (i’m guessing) … that one is sticky rich and sweet

i often like to order the spicy rice cake with fish cake dish too

most interesting dish was my girl’s order of cornish hens in a ginseng broth… very tasty

sorry some of the photos are sourced from yelp :frowning:


well, when it comes to review of ethnic cuisines, the pics on yelp are probably the most valuable part.

i like olympic noodle, though in my quest to try as many new places in k-town as possible, i haven’t been there in a couple of years.

beyond the steamed & fried dumplings

and what looks like dolsot bibimbap

they do cold noodles as well

the fact that we ordered two of them probably explains why we didn’t get the kalgooksoo which is to me more a cold weather kind of dish. though we did get the spicy rice cakes

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went back to the old faithful today since we had too little time to go to our usuals… wow it’s really good… better than before. they are now notorious for the dumplings… place full of only koreans… broth of the kalguksu was phenomenal and rich. pricing is way higher than our last visit but we’re back baby!


again! look at those wrinkles! regularly favorite kimchi in town too

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I love how there is kimchi right there at tableside!

I only recently learned that each tableside kimchi is thrown out after each table is cleared, which seems insane to me. I usually ask if I can take the leftover kimchi home.


wooow… i love their kimchi

My motto is leave no kimchi and banchan behind when dining Korean!


Kid really appreciated the take away baps


what a kid! lol, I wonder what he thinks if he’s offered a pb&j

He hates it. Kim bap is mostly a kids food for Koreans as I understand

Definitely not true

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ok well my korean coworkers just told us that kids love it and since i never see grown up eating it at the places i go to i assumed it

Kids love it because it’s delicious and not spicy. But grown ups eat it too, you just won’t see them eating it in restaurants. It’s more of a food on the go.

I developed a taste for kimbap from my almost-retirement-age Korean coworkers, who brought kimbap for breakfast/lunch regularly

I forget how great the rice cake is there. It’s served with a side of salty anchovy broth for a perfect counterpoint (because the dish is mainly sweet and spicy so the broth clears)


oh no, i forgot to get him kimbap

looks great