Omakase at Shin Sushi

Hyperlink to my revisit on 12/7/19.

I’ve been a lurker for a while so I figured I might as well contribute to the FTC a little bit! Also, special thanks to PorkyBelly & J_L for discovering Shin Sushi or else I never would’ve realized Take-san, formerly of Mori and Sushi of Gari, was opening up in Encino.

This was the first time I sat with Take-san since I’ve always asked for Maru-san whenever I visited Mori. Take-san’s very personable and informative. Overall, I had a great time chatting with him especially since there were only a few other customers there the entire time!

It’s my first post so take it easy on me guys! Now let’s get started. Omakase please!

Located at a strip mall, Shin Sushi replaced another sushi-ya which occupied the space for 15+ years.

Smoked Bluefin Tuna and dashi marinated tomato, okra, and eggplant
smokey, light, and refreshing


Hokkaido Scallop

Kanpachi / Yellowtail

Seared and marinated salmon

Iwashi / Sardine - minor misstep of packing the rice too much on this one

** Sweet Shrimp** - highlight of the night
ridiculously sweet!

Kamasu / Baracuda

Akami / Bluefin Tuna
lean bluefin’s so flavorful!

Inada / Baby Yellowtail


Albacore Toro - highlight of the night

Saba / Japanese Mackerel

Black Snapper

Isaki / Grunt

Tai-Madai / Sea Bream

Snow Trout - highlight of the night
fluffy texture like a cloud

Kohada / Gizzard Shad

Halibut Fin / Engawa - highlight of the night

Ikura - seaweed could’ve been a little crispier?

Uni / Santa Barbara Sea Urchin - highlight of the night

Tamago stuffed with shiso, bonito flakes, and sour plum sauce - minor misstep of serving it too cold but tasty nonetheless!

Baked Crab Handroll - a little heavy handed on the mayo which overpowered the crab

Tofu Mousse with black sugar sauce - refreshing, light, great interplay between tofu and sauce

Overall, this omakase was rock solid and I highly recommend it. Rice temperature was consistent throughout the meal. They were also flavorful and had a great toothsome chew. Service was solid and friendly. QPR really can’t be beaten since dinner was only $108 per person pre-tax and tip! My only qualm is the distance and traffic from where I live but I’m pretty certain that I’ll be back sooner rather than later!

Lastly, I do want to note that Take-san is the ONLY itamae at Shin Sushi. His brother (which will open up a high-end sushi-ya in Hong Kong) and Yoshi-san (which might open up his own sushi-ya in a year or so according to Take-san), were only helping him out in the grand opening.

Shin Sushi
16573 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436


Nice report! Now you must meet or exceed our expectations for each preceding post.


Looks like you had a great meal. That snow trout is pretty fantastic, reminds me of a fluffier anago.

And welcome to ftc.

I never realized how consuming it is to make a post so much appreciation for all your reviewers out there! I’m going to back to Mori in 2 days so I’ll definitely report back.


A fluffier anago is right on the money! I wish they had anago though. Bummer!

Welcome and thanks for the report!!

Please report back, and say Hello to Maru-san for me!

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Hi @moonboy403,

Welcome to FTC! :slight_smile: Nice first report, and it’s great to hear another positive experience at this new place.

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Dang. Great first post. Thanks for sharing.

And welcome!

Yes, that’s why I now basically only post one-liners! :wink:


Powerful first post! Welcome!

Revisit on 12/7/19:

Shin seemed to have upped their game a bit overall despite three instances where I found a piece of oyster shell, bone, or scale in my bite. Rice was toothsome and had a lovely mouthfeel but they weren’t as strongly seasoned as say SGO which I prefer.

The bill was about $170 before t&t so pricing is approaching that of LA sushi.


  • akami
  • iwashi
  • miso soup with sweet shrimp head
  • amaebi
  • sake zuke
  • sawara
  • mirugai
  • maguro zuke
  • hokkaido zuwaigani
  • seared otoro
  • sb uni
  • tofu mousse

otsumami trio

ankimo - nowhere as creamy and smooth as SGO’s but it’s still good nonetheless. who needs foie when we have ankimo?

shigoku(?) oyster with ikura - meaty, creamy, briny…and nice pops of flavor from the ikura but several pieces of shells marred this great bite

maitake/shungiku - mild and clean flavored dashi braised chrysanthemum greens act as as excellent counterpoint to the pleasantly smoky and vinegary flavored shroom

madai / sea bream

kasugodai / young sea bream

hotate / hokkaido scallop

ebodai / butterfish

bonito / katsuo

black snapper / black sea bream

akami / wild bluefin tuna from boston - rich, meaty, extremely tender

iwashi / sardine - meltingly soft and oily but the dab of grated ginger cut through much of the fattiness

menegi / japanese chives

miso soup with sweet shrimp head - strong and concentrated shrimp essence!

amaebi / sweet shrimp from canada - the homemade amaebi miso slightly over-accentuated or detracted from the sweetness of the shrimp but the snappy texture is excellent!

saba zuke / marinated japanese mackerel topped with sesame - not prepped with the traditional vinegar and salt. this saba is marinated with soy sauce and sugar iirc

sake zuke / marinated king salmon

sayori / needlefish

sawara / spanish mackerel - smoky and buttery…clean tasting

higesoridai / grunt

kamasu / barracuda

mirugai / geoduck - oh so sweet and pleasantly crunchy!

maguro zuke / marinated bluefin tuna - so darn smooth and flavorful

hokkaido zuwaigani / snow crab - succulent city

seared otoro / fatty bluefin tuna

uni / santa barbara sea urchin - you can’t lose with crispy roasted seaweed and briny yet intensely sweet and creamy uni

anago with sea salt and yuzu zest / saltwater eel - this anago is almost pillowy soft in texture and lusciously fatty. while the use of yuzu zest tamed the fattiness a little bit, i do miss the traditional sweet and savory eel sauce.

tamagoyaki / egg

tofu mousse with black sugar sauce - fluffy and light tofu mousse plays second fiddle to the viscous but flavorful black sugar syrup

hojicha ice cream - toasty counterpoint to the other two sweet leaning desserts

lychee ice cream - i love the bites with pieces of lychee in them

Post sushi bang bang at Pizza Wagon of Brooklyn:

@JeetKuneBao this is the only proper way to dine in encino

spinach roll - intensely spinach-y and garlic but the roll itself is a bit dry

pepperoni pizza - slightly crisped up pepperoni cups sitting on a tangy tomato sauce that’s slathered over an extra crispy and thin crust…excellent stuff


I might do the same because I have early dinner res at Shin and need to kill some time afterwards for traffic out of LA

you MUST

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Love seeing that traditional / old school / legit AF prep of maguro zuke that Take san is doing!

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i wonder if the zuke prep is a recent addition since i remember you asking take-san to do a zuke prep on the spot when you went? i was also bummed out that they didn’t have kohada last night…

I hope their will be kohada on my visit.

Tunas and white fishes are easy to like and crowd pleasers but I really like hikarimono’s the most.

As much as I would love to go okonomi with double orders of the highlights and some maki’s I need to save room for pizza at Pizza Wagon (a slice of pepperoni, a slice of pesto, maybe a Sicilian slice and those Spinach rolls to go)



correct. i do wish that they offer ika, nodoguro and kinmedai

Excellent report @moonboy403 !

I have had it both ways at Shin. The latter is excellent. Take-san told me he butchers the anago himself to get that pillowy soft texture.

Agreed, the seared otoro was one of my favorites surprisingly. I usually don’t find otoro all that interesting but this was fantastic. The mouth feel was incredible.