Omurice por favor

taking a brief respite from a steady diet of internet porn, i watched
a video the other day of a man making omurice, sort of a fried rice omelette
type thingie.

where is the best place in the greater l.a. environ to get a tasty version?

many thanks.

I don’t know about the best place, but Curry House in Little Tokyo has a pretty good version.


I’m not an egg fan. It’s really one of the only foods that I dislike, so I’ve never ordered omurice in LA, but I do know that CoCo Ichibanya and JiST Cafe also serve it.

CoCo Ichibanya serves the curry version, as opposed to the ketchup-intensive, traditional version. They have locations in Torrance, Brentwood, Irvine, and Koreatown. Here’s a link to their locations in SoCal:

JiST Cafe’s porky omurice is the demi glace topped iteration. Here’s the link to their website:

Also, you may want to check out omurice in Koreatown. Perhaps some of the Koreatown experts on the board can make some good suggestions for you.

Lastly, omurice is one of the staples of Japanese comfort food - often found in low-key restaurants or cooked at home for children. You might want to try cooking it yourself, if you don’t find a really great version in LA. Here are some recipes from my favorite cooking channels:

Okay, I promise this is it. Here’s one of my favorite clips from the movie Tampopo:


This is the correct answer.

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Didn’t Chibiscus also have it on their menu? I don’t see it on their menu online

I LOVE Omurice. Tried them pretty much all… Including some random places in Koreatown. Sadly the place that had my favorite is closed, Curry Huang in K-Town. My second favorite is Foo Foo Tei in Industry. Also, for convenience, the one made by the Rice People at the Mar Vista Farmer’s market is pretty legit.


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Have you tried the version at KONG Ji Ne? I think their demi glacé is a thing of beauty. Just the perfect balance of ketchup and red wine and beef consommé and whatever MSG-laden brew their using to make it all come together like the thing was born out of a barrel, aged for longer than you and I have been alive. Combined.

But anytime I’m there it’s hard for me not to order the kimchi fried rice and their version of Salisbury steak.

I know, I’m weak and I suck.

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Have you tried the version at KONG Ji Ne8

I have because I also have a weakness for Hamburg Steak. It’s good, but suffers from being an egg crepe than a real creamy version of Omurice. I also recently had Bungee 55’s version. Not bad. But still missing that creamy mark.

You can see Foo Foo Tei’s here. It’s “curdy”

Omelette Rice


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