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I’ve been charged to find a bartending service for a friend who’s hosting an in-home birthday dinner for a small group of people. The dinner menu seems to be Japanese fusion (these folks think they’re gastronomes, but they’re more scene-y people than someone asking Sushi Kaneyoshi to come to their house). I’d be grateful for any recs.


Stubborn Nail! Not entirely sure whether they’ve gotten back to doing events yet, but they’re fantastic people and super talented bartenders/cocktail creators.



Likewise, not sure if they’re doing events again yet (rather than just cocktail delivery).

Disclaimer: the proprietor is an acquaintance of mine. I don’t get any sort of remuneration for referrals.

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Thanks so much, @Srsly and @T3t !
Since this is someone else’s event…budget and planning is not my issue (and I am thrilled about that). I just hope these folks are back to business.


Update…thanks, @T3t! Mr. Bartender was the only one to respond to inquiry and he has been booked. I get to be a guest at this event so I’ll let you know how it goes.
I was shown a list of the options…and Mr. Bartender’s options are impressive. The cocktail program has been well-thought out and his book of options is enormous. So much so that I was consulted to make some executive decisions because they were too overwhelmed. Going to keep it simple and opt for the seasonal cocktail program as it will pair well with dinner.


Ah, glad they were available! Hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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@T3t Mr. Bartender was a complete success last night. Our bartender for the evening was fantastic and the drinks were spectacular.
Working with the team was easy. Fill out the forms, select the drinks, and then buy whatever they tell you to.
I was so impressed that I would happily book with them again.

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