On Loquats

First this (note that the headline has been changed from the original “Los Angeles Is Covered in Delicious Fruit and No One Is Eating It,”):

Then this:


Yeah, Esther Tseng called out Dan, the NY transplant for his article. She said on Twitter that she helped him out with this for free and tried to discourage him from printing the many incorrect statements in it such as him getting basic LA geography wrong.


These articles show up every year or two. I think it says more of the journalists being clueless Bryan that people are unaware. I have been taking out of town guests when they arrive in May to some trees I like near the street to pick some fruit. I especially like a loquat tree in bel air of all places


Disconcerting that it went live after the author had received guidance.


Biggest faux pas (ok maybe not biggest…but it’s still one) is calling East Hollywood the east side. That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that, and I’m one of the unwashed dummies who calls Echo Park etc. east side.

Oh my god this is Sqirl’s fault huh.


We had a loquat in our yard when I was a kid. I was not a fan. Didn’t develop a taste for them when I lived in Italy, either. Seems like they might make good sorbet or ice cream.

I never heard about “misbelief” before, that’s pretty funny. The Italian word for the fruit is nespola (plural nespole). Nespolo (plural nespoli) means loquat tree.

I mean, it’s doubly absurd, doubly ignorant.

Beyond ignoring non yuppie people, foraging was also a hipster trend not too long ago. Forage’s (in hipster mecca Silverlake) original concept was barter: local fruit for store credit.