One Door North

We wanted to go to The Smoking Goat, but they were closed for a private event, so we walked one door north over to their newly opened sister restaurant, One Door North, serving fresh classic Americana.

Initial impressions just walking in . . . the decor is very interesting, like 70s Miami meets Americana Pic-Nic / camp out. The front dinning area is a glassed off open and airy dinning space with open views towards the shady sidewalk outside and Modern Time Brewery across the street. Very light neutral colors and lots of sunlight. The interior dining area looks like a pic-nic camp ground complete with canvas, tents, pic-nic style tables, forest wallpaper, and flickering lighting. I half expected to hear crickets and see fireflies flitting about. All that was missing was the smell of the camp fire and DEET!

Wife requested that we sit under the canvas and my very first issue was with the uneven cement flooring not allowing my chair to sit cleanly on four legs so I had to sit at an angle to the table. Once I overcame this challenge we settled in for a look at the drink menu.

I was excited see one of my favorite wineries on the list, The Scholium Project’s Chardonnay pet-nat sparkler! This was clean and refreshing juice with bright fruit and food friendly acidity. The Blowout was a hit!

It seemed a bit difficult to hold our servers attention as she was also tending bar, but being a small space we were able to flag her down when needed. We decided to order a little of everything and share it all.

For starters we ordered the mixed cheese plate and the heirloom tomato and cucumber panzanella salad. The cheese plate came with no explanation of the items on the plate, but they were fairly easy to determine . . . Marcona Almonds, fig preserves, strawberry jam, a triple cream brie (cow), a sheep’s milk Manchego, some sort of an aged goats milk cheese, three slices of peach and a few slices of herb’d foccacio. Nothing special, but nice. The Heirloom tomato panzanella salad was great. Perfectly done red wine vinaigrette over three of four different varieties of tomatoes with cucumber, french sliced red onion all topped with a lovely creamy burrata.

For our entry we had the Fried chicken and ribs with a side of Dee’s cornbread. The fried chicken was two legs pan fried to perfection without any coating, but still with beautifully crispy skin and a moist juicy interior. The ribs were falling off the bone braised short ribs with a pan sauce reduction served with a cheesy white polenta and some great collard greens that were soft yet still had a great texture and flavor. (sorry we had already defiled the plate before taking a quick pic)

Finally for dessert we had the berry crunch tart with housemade vanilla icecream. This was good, but a little bit of a let down as it was comprised of a small bowl of warm purred berries topped with some toasted oat granola and a scoop of ice cream. We did not feel it was a $9 dessert and was something we could have thrown together at home in less than 5 min.

Another pleasant note, that despite all the hard surfaces, noise was minimal and it was a very easy and nice place to converse. I think the canvas surfaces absorb a lot of the background noise. Also, some of that may have had to do with the lack of teenagers and children as this is currently (due to liquor licence) a 21 and older dining only. All in all a nice meal experience with with high quality ingredients and straight forward cooking techniques.

$150 incl tax + tip with wine for two

Less tha $90 incl tax + tip but excluding wine