One or two lunches in Philly

It has been decades, and we will be there for a Friday and Sat afternoon/lunch (dinners are scheduled by others).

What’s really great, that I cant find in LA and won’t have to line up with IGers?

It might break the chowhound manifesto, but I suppose, we would rather eat an average slice of east coast pizza than wait half the day for an incredible cheesesteak provolone…if that helps…calling @JeetKuneBao

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Buddy from Philly: Zahav, Dizengof, Suraya, Sampam, Amada


Angelo’s in South Philly for pizza and cheesesteaks. Both are great and you can get them at the same place. Cash only take out only whole pies only.

Laser Wolf and Zahav are dinner only. Pizzeria Beddia is open for lunch on the weekends.


Unfortunately dinner only though there is a late night bar option to perhaps Bang bang with Geno’s/Pat’s

:scream: You can’t scratch the cheesesteak itch in LA

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Angelo’s at 9th and Fitzwater.

The cheesesteak with fried onions, and cooper sharp.

Upside down square pie and a round pie.

Italian hoagie and chicken cutlet sandwich if you have room. Angelo’s is a modern east coast classic imo.

Go next door to Sarones and have the best seeded roll in the country. Sneak a slice of tomato pie.

John’s Water Ice for dessert.

Pizzeria Beddia is great pizza. Don’t forget a slice of tomato pie. They have a secret hoagie room for hoagie omakase.

Ricci’s for hoagies. Or Hoagie Dom if you are up for it to line up and chase down via IG.

Reading Terminal Market….DiNic’s for roast pork, Millers for soft pretzels, and the epic Amish dessert/sweets counter (too sweet for my taste). Scrapple for breakfast if you are adventurous. It’s out of season for apples but apple dumplings are so good.

Oh yeah Isgro for cannolis!

Angelo’s, Sarcones Riccis, John’s Water Ice, Isgro are all in South Philly. South Philly is one of my favorite neighborhoods lots of good food and character.


FYI Beddia is in Fishtown which is pretty close to Kensington (think Arts District x Skid Row).

Wawa before the airport for coffee, soft pretzels, Utz chips, and Tasty Kakes. LOL


That is so King of Prussia.


matu comes really close


I remember Suraya being a lot like Bavel but not as good. It’s been several years.

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Thanks for the tip!


thanks all!

That roll looks great…. would you say it’s pretty close to Sarcones? That long hot reminds me of John’s Roast Pork