Oori - Albany

I had been in there once shortly after it opened and enjoyed it, but hadn’t returned until today.

Instead of onigiri, and looking at what others were eating, I ordered a rice plate. They were mostly under $10 except for a few toppings, or the “choose three” which I got. Generous portions of short rib (off the bone), spicy pork and salmon, on top of rice, with gari and edamame. Complimentary tea by the register. Very tasty and “I almost didn’t finish it” stuffed.

Caveat - if school is in session, go before or after the Albany High lunch rush. I went before (the place was still busy) but when I left, it was a zoo.

I went there for the “rice triangles”, but they didn’t satisfy. The rice plate selection looks like it’s been expanded since the last time, so I’ll have to give it a try again.