Open for Deliver and/or Take Out

Check out this list of bars, restaruants and other food purveyors that are still open for business during the pandemic. Let’s see if we can support as many of them as is possible. Some of them will probably not, unfortunately, survive this closure :frowning_face: :mask:



Very helpful; glad you posted here, too.

I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness for people in the small restaurants that I so often frequent. Some are almost like family, I’ve known them so long. And suddenly in just one day, without warning, many of them are out of work for who knows how long – maybe forever. Their anxiety must be crushing. And, will I never see some of them again?

If you know any of the people at SanDiegoVille, a suggestion to improve this list further would be to show whether the restaurant has delivery only, takeout only, or both delivery and takeout. Something like a D, T or D,T after the restaurants name/link.

Doc, check the U/T. They also have a list of what’s open for what. Even if you don’t subscribe, I think you can just go to their website and find the list.

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That was a good suggestion. I found this list on the U/T website, link below, which is being updated daily, and for many of the restaurants indicates pickup, delivery, or both.