Open Table - What does the restaurant know in advance about you?

I’m wondering what sort of data gets kept track of on Open Table that gets communicated to restaurants. Do they rate customers by how much they spend, how much they tip, how often they cancel reservations, etc?

Anyone know?

I don’t know other than I do know they track people who don’t show without canceling. As it should be.

The restaurant can add any notes they like (e.g. “friend of owner” or “chef’s mom”) and I think see your reservation history at that restaurant. It’s not integrated with point of sale so no info about tab or tips unless someone added it. There’s no sharing of data among restaurants.

Also, OpenTable does not have the data. Each restaurant’s information is stored on its own OpenTable server at the restaurant. If the restaurant’s power goes out or its internet connection goes down, the restaurant shows as currently unavailable on

That’s not entirely accurate.

The OpenTable server does have restaurant specific information regarding reservations (in terms of customers, cancellations, times, number in party, etc.).

I say this having known someone who had to subpoena this information.

Thanks Robert!

OpenTable has the information you enter on their web site and I think they get notified if the restaurant marks you as a no-show. OpenTable does not have the notes the restaurant adds to your profile in their local system.