Opinionated About Dining Top 100 North American restaurants 2020 list (some LA/SoCal entries)


Strange times to even publish a list like this since a number of them have pivoted to takeout, let alone Michelin, James Beard etc etc…but I guess the show must go on…

Yeah it’s a list…not too far off from some of the other ones. Here, certain individuals have a lot of voting power hence the ranking.

Southern California ones I noted:

  1. Somni
  2. Dialogue
  3. Vespertine
  4. Urasawa
  5. Taco Maria
  6. Sushi Zo
  7. Hayato
  8. Angler LA
  9. n/Naka
  10. Providence
  11. Yamakase
  12. Totoraku
  13. Orsa & Winston
  14. Kato
  15. Maude
  16. Trois Mec
  17. Q Sushi
  18. Shibumi
  19. Addison
  20. Otium
  21. Mori Sushi
  22. Kali
  23. Matsuhisa
  24. Oshima
  25. Sushi Tsujita
  26. Gwen
  27. Redbird
  28. Scratch Bar
  29. Asanebo

Kiriko was listed under recommended

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Lot of old standbys I feel like some of these restaurants were good 10 years ago ie sushi zo, urusawa, totoraku

You forgot Ohshima.

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That’s a lot of Japanese

I was reading and either thinking “duh” or “never been there” until I got to Oya in Boston, which I do not agree with. Geographical diversity?

Oh weird I typed in the numbers according to the ranking … but it reformatted the numbers afterwards :rage:

Ohshima is on the list

What can I say, like I said a few people who have more influence than others voted as well do their voices hold more weight. The top SoCal reviewer is in Santa Monica.