Orenchi Ramen - Santa Clara

Love the ramen here, the noodles are thick, curly and chewy and the broth doesn’t make you feel like you need quadruple bypass surgery after eating it like tsujita.

All the appetizers are really good too.


garlic butter scallop

Potato Croquette With Tartar Sauce

Fried calamari legs

Tonkotsu - egg, pork, green onion, bamboo shoot, mushroom, sesame, nori seaweed


Thanks @PorkyBelly. Sounds delicious. :slight_smile: Although from your pic, that broth still looks pretty kotteri with some nice chunks of pork backfat in there. :wink: How’s the chashu and egg? Thanks.

The broth is definitely rich and creamy for sure, but i think because they mix it with chicken broth it’s not that heavy.

The soft-boiled egg was perfectly runny and the chashu is cut really thinly with not much fat and tasted really clean and fresh.

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