Original Tsujita tsukemen vs. Tsujita Annex tsukemen

I had Tsujita tsukemen for the first time in L.A. at its original location. When I moved to Japan, I tried the tsukemen at a Tsujita in Tokyo and found the soup to be one intense pork bomb without any fishy, bonito-tasting element of L.A.'s soup. I’ve always visited the original location and have yet to visit the Annex. I could’ve sworn I read an opinion somewhere online that the soup at Annex’s tsukemen is more in tune with what I had in Tokyo. Has anyone had both and noticed any difference?

The tsukemen at the annex is spicy, but if you ask for no chili it’s not fishy.

I find the Annex version a less intense and the egg at the Annex is not as good. That is the deal breaker for me.


Yeah, I won’t stand for weak tsukemen soup. Guess I’ll stick with what works, but I would’ve tried the Annex if they deliberately tried to make it taste more like their point of origin, which I found more intense than L.A. I still see people waiting to get in the original one even during off-peak hours while the Annex remains easily available.

I am a fan of both. I have been to the original dozens of times and just tried the annex. The original broth is pork and Fish, The annex is pork and soy. I LOVED the annex and will go back there before I go original again. The egg was just as good and I never tired of the flavors of the annex. The more I ate, the more I craved more. GIVE IT A GO!

Just dined at tsukemen and asked an employee what the difference was and they said annex tsukemen has more of a vinegar flavor along with garlic and chili oil. She also said the ramen noodles are different as well.