Orleans and York is now on Crenshaw

There’s a new outpost of Orleans and York near the corner of 39th and Crenshaw. It is literally right next to Earlz Hot Dogs. It’s dangerous for me because I pass by it on my bike riding home every night.


If it’s anything like the one in downtown, you’d better take a different route! The smell alone when I drive into my parking garage int he morning is enough for my cholesterol to gain a few points.

But, if you do stop, get the oyster po’boy. Huge oysters and great crispy tender bread.


So the slauson one closed?

No. This is an expansion. They have locations on Slauson, Florence in Inglewood, The Forum and Spring St in DTLA

Yeah, If you ever have jury duty in Inglewood for 10 days, it’s a lifesaver. That and the juice bar down the street.


I’m kind of over the shrimp po boy. TBH I find the one from Ragin Cajun a lot more satisfying and Little Jewel destroys both.

Anything else worth getting?


I go for the shrimp basket and crack sauce. I came to the same conclusion as you.

I just go in, expecting a decent sandwich, just not a New Orleans one. Also I’m eating the cold sub-like things and 200 bags of Zapps!


The shrimp basket? The one that costs like $18 and comes with the same amount of shrimp as the po boy, +fries and cole slaw?

Or is there another one I’m missing?

Last time I was there, a couple of months ago, Florence location, the po boy was almost $13 and the basket was about $15.50 and you get two sides. Though I didn’t count them my wife agrees there are a few more shrimp.

Did they raise the price again? I remember it when it was $10 a few years ago.

I might need to call and ask how many shrimp come per order.

OK, I just called.

They put 6 in a po boy and “9 or 10” in a basket (I didn’t want her to run and ask, the answer was good enough for me as they sounded busy)

But still, amazing how prices have gone up so quickly here in CA.


Looks like it’s actually $16/$13.50. Guess I’ll have to stop being a cheap bastard and do the basket at least once.


Thanks for doing the digging re: number of shrimp. I should have but I was lazy - you’re a better man than I.


I had to make sure I wasn’t senile. I am, but apparently not about this.

I do enjoy their shrimp, though.