Headed back to Oro in Scituate last night now that the season has died down. Summers in that area turn many places into amateur night and even a great place like Oro is not worth a 3.5 hour wait on Summer weekend.

The BFF and I arrived early to catch up and started with cocktails and the charcuterie at the bar. Bartender knows her way around the booze and the cocktails were excellent. I had an herbal infused Vesper which was a nice twist on a classic. The BFF had a spiced cucumber margarita-I had drink envy, really good.

Charcuterie tray had all the usual suspects but also had 3 strips of thick cut bacon which was a great addition. The crostini was freshly toasted and warm which makes all the difference but most places don’t do.

The SIL joined us and we opted to stay at the bar. We split a bottle of Jollie Folle Rose. I had the lobster cakes which were sublime, very tender with lots of lobster. The others both had the Misto del Mar which was kind of like deconstructed sushi. Small bites and would not be great for a hearty appetite.

All and all a great meal and worth a visit if you are down on the South Shore.

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Jumping in to agree. We ate at Oro this past summer and had a great meal. I don’t recall what exactly we had but I do remember a pasta with pork belly. We definitely plan on going back.

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Oro is our favorite dinner in Scituate.