Orsa + Winston is still killing it

We had the fantastic tasting menu with a supplement of Hokkaido Scallops/Bottarga Squid Ink Pasta.
Everything was spot on, and Elvis/Sergio was definitely in the building.
Excellent Wine pairings as well (5 whites and a red) .
Hard to pick a favorite, each dish was stellar. Amuse Bouche was terrific caviar on a homemade corn blini.


Kanpachi Crudo

Seafood Porridge I guess this was my favorite - though not by much. The satsuki congee and pecorino cream was such an off-the-charts combo.

Butter Poached Lobster

Scallop/Bottarga Pastina

Kitchen and Donabe

@Chowseeker1999 give OW a kind of middling review about a year ago.

Perhaps it was an off night or his attention was elsewhere. However, for us, last night’s meal was exceptional.


I’m a big fan of OW, especially their Sunday brunch where you can indulge in their crustacean-forward rice porridge and an omakase Japanese breakfast (authentic or not).

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@CiaoBob Compared to my regular omakase tasting and super omakase experiences a few years ago, it seems like the portions you received were more generous, especially with the proteins.

These days I go back to O & W for the lunches and brunches focusing on proteins.

My Friday $20 2-course DineLA lunch there yesterday was quite good:

Porchetta Alla Kakuni bowl

runny yolk close up

Sudachi citrus tart

I’m hoping to try the evening snack ALC menu soon.


@ipsedixit I can see why you’re a fan. Too bad they stopped doing their Omakase Japanese Breakfast. I’m guessing they replaced it with the Porchetta Alla Kakuni bowl.

Peony: Two words: elegant and sophisticated. Light, but flavorful. Beautifully executed and very refined. Pleasant environment and knowledgeable waiter. Absolutely enjoyed tonight’s meal.

Warrior: Orsa & Winston is excellent. I would say it is the best non-Japanese restaurant in DTLA by a wide margin (which isn’t to say the Japanese restaurants are better; they’re just hard to compare). I like the restaurant’s style, which I’ll describe as “delicate.” Very Japanese in sensibility, actually. There were no rough points tonight; nothing to make me question the concept or execution of any dish. The wine pairings were unique and tasty too.


Re the Peony & Warrior thing, just curious - Are there two different people? If two, do you take turns typing, or does one dictate to the other? Was it a deliberate decision not to create two accounts? Just inquiring

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Warrior: Peony, who is native Chinese, dictates to me, a native redneck, without seeing my review. I do light editing to fix grammatical errors. It is a couple activity. We avoid influencing each other by discussing our meals before posting. We are curious to see what the other thinks. We’ve developed remarkably similar tastes from eating the same foods every evening, as the review above exemplifies. If we had two accounts, she wouldn’t post anything, due to both personality difference and the difficulty of writing in a second language. She takes the photos and makes the arrangements.


Love it! Thanks for explaining.