[Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo] Any recommendations?

Planning a trip from June 29 until July 14. So far trying to book an omakase experience and need suggestions for one that is foreigner-friendly perhaps but not necessary and for other must eats in Japan. So far trying for Takumi Shingo, Sushi Ryujiro, Sushisho Masa, and Sushi Shunshuke Asagaya but probably can only get Sushisho Masa, and a bit hesitant as the Tabelog score is lower but it seems like a good option as my hotel is not a 5-star hotel and AMEX concierge is useless. Thanks in advance for the help.

Other food options for Tokyo include:
Tomita Ramen
Menya Itto Ramen
Onigiri Bongo
Udon Maruka
Tonkatsu Aoki
Watabe Unagi
Unagi Hitsumabushi Bincho
Sutamina-En ( Yakiniku)
Florilège for lunch

Yakitori Ichimatsu

Hassun for kaiseki lunch

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In Kyoto check out Suehiro–where I fell in love with battera

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Personally, I would recommend…

Ramen Fuunji
Ramen Kikanbo (if you enjoy spicy food)
Toriki yakitori in Shinagawa (Anthony Bourdain spot, his son has a shop down the street and there’s another famous Toriki in Tokyo, make sure to go to the right one). It may not be the best yakitori, but it’s one of the most fun for sure. Chef Kunio-San is a marvelous human.
Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara

Le Sel for tori-paitan ramen
Kurra for an awesome tasting menu, Chef Jacob use to live in LA and helped open Shibumi. Great guy

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I think you got a typo there and the place is named Lurra. Looks pretty neat!

Indeed! Lurra. Looks like a beautiful space, and the food is creative.

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Thank you. Toriki looks like a great option for yakitori.

It really is. I should note though Kunio-San grills them over an electric “grill”, so none of that bincho flavor, however his yakitori is still amazing, he’s been at it for 40+ years I believe. I met a now very good friend there sitting at the bar. Everyone was buying everyone drinks there, people can/do smoke inside, it’s just one big chicken focused party. His thigh dish with some kind of negi/ponzu/garlic sauce is what dreams are made of :star_struck:

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Not to be too much of a jerk, but there is literally a 142 response long thread extensively detailing Kyoto and Tokyo and even some Osaka restaurants. And that was a 2023 based thread. Just read all of @jc_eats posts. He was invaluable to me and he’ll be invaluable to you too.

Start with that… then if you got more questions maybe hop back into this thread?