Otoño - Highland Park

New spanish restaurant from the former racion chef, teresa montaño. Nice neighborhood restaurant, but not something to drive crosstown for.

pan con tomate - sourdough, grated tomato, garlic, olive oil, sea salt

croqueta de jamon - fritter of jamon serrano and local milk
Highlight of the night. Perfectly fried and crispy shell with a creamy and porky filling. I would like to try their mushroom and truffle croqueta next time.

mussels en escabeche - fava bean puree on toast
served cold. pretty good, toast was a little too thick.

jamon iberico de bellota - fermin, pata negra
this could have been cut thinner.

boquerones y mantequilla - mind fish co. tuna and anchovy goat butter, herb roasted radish

calamares en su tinta - grilled local squid, caramelized onion salsa tinta, arròz negra crisp
squid was a little chewy, the sweet caramelized onion was good.

gambas a la plancha - blue prawns, cherry tomato, garlic, brandy de jerez
good, wish there was more garlic

costillas de elote - grilled corn, sweet corn and saffron butter, manchego, lime salt, hot paprika
i liked this, the cob was cut into quarters length wise, so you eat this like ribs

paella - prawns, mussels, squid, lobster fumet, sherry aioli
good lobster flavor in the rice but unfortunately no socarrat

crema catalana, cherries



5715 N Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90042


Nice! I can’t quite tell, but did the paella have a crispy/crusty bottom?


Went there with @CiaoBob last week. Nice space, good vibes.

Agree that the jamon was cut way too thick.


If you want some crispy rice for days head over to majordomo.


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Where can I get paella in LA that has a crispy bottom? :heart_eyes:

Looks a lot like what they were serving at Racion

La Paella on La Cienega/San Vicente makes a nice socarrat on their paellas - I asked for it the only time I’ve ordered paella, so I’m not sure if they just do it by default. One of their super friendly servers even helped us scrape it up once they saw we were at the bottom of the pan!

Overall, the paella (I think we got Valenciana Mixta?) was solid if pricey, given how reasonable the rest of their menu is. Although it scratched an itch that time, I usually just order a bunch of tapas.

La Paella
476 S San Vicente Blvd, LA, CA 90045


whats that one?
Heading to MD on Friday his week!

The Gin and Tonic Classico was one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had.
Probably the best “bite” of the evening.

Not on any of my 10+ visits to La Paella. The last legit socarrat sighting at a L.A. restaurant was Chef Perfecto Rocher’s Smoke.Oil.Salt. However, the Saturday paella at La Espanola, though served without socarrat, remains very, very good. I only go to La Paella for their tapas now.

That’s more of a Persian tahdig.

It’s listed as “crispy rice” on the menu. The current version has shrimp, corn, and bacon and is fucking ugly delicious.

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That’s too bad! I had the paella during lunch hours, and they weren’t busy at the time so I wonder if that makes a difference, like they weren’t just rushing the paella out. Did you request socarrat when you ordered? Either way, sounds like they don’t do it by default.

I really enjoy the La Espanola paella too.

Just returned on Friday from 2 weeks in Spain including 5 days in Valencia for the purposes of seeking out authentic paella and have a few thoughts. First, it really annoys me that no restaurant in LA carves jamon iberico correctly. It’s supposed to be hand carved in roughly small rectangular shapes and not put through a slicer.

Second, regarding paella…I had very very fond memories of the paella valenciana I had in Valencia 15 years ago so I was excited and nervous to try it again this time around. I wasn’t sure if it would live up to the memories I had from back then when I was just a young naive backpacker eating what I could afford. We hit up two legendary places in Valencia, Ristorante Levante and La Pepita. We went to Levante first to get the paella valenciana and it was amazing, HOWEVER, no soccarrat to be found. A little disappointing but didn’t care because it was delicious.

Next, we hit up La Pepita for the seafood paella. While it was beautiful, it was such a salt bomb that it was hard to finish. Shame because the flavors were good. I don’t necessarily think that the kitchen messed up but rather, we found the food in this part of spain to be overly salty in general, but this one in particular was really salty. Also, no soccarat to be found.


So yeah, maybe soccarat isn’t the end all for good paella if these two legendary paella shops cook theirs w/o it.


You have request the soccarat??

Is that sort of like having to request cornicone on my Neapolitan pie? I would hope it would be par for the course.

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Have you been since they were bought out like a year ago?

Where else did you visit? I love and miss Spain so much (we were there in may and our spanish friends are visiting us soon). will be going to the spot OP posted!

We spent most of our time in Mallorca on this trip. Also spent a week in Florence and Chianti before Spain.

Cool, did you hang in Greve at all?

Hm the time I had paella was last July, so I’m not sure - when were they bought out?