Oumi Sasaya Udon Noodle Restaurant: A Pictorial Essay

Thanks for CiaoBob for alerting me to this place in Lomita. There is no English name “Oumi Sasaya” on the signage outside, but the sign does say “Japanese Udon Noodle”. Good enough for me!

Everything tasted wonderful. My duck broth had a complex rich yet clear taste. The udon noodles here are served a tad softer in bite than the noodles found at Marugame Monzo. Tha ajitama (soft egg) is perfectly done - just the right amount of runny yolk.

I started with barley tea, and there was a complimentary dish of the smooth housemade tofu:

This was someone else’s order, and it looked might fine…

My duck udon combo (with 2 extra pieces of ebi tempura):

Instead of staying for dessert at Oumi Sasaya, I opted for dessert next door at Patisserie Chantilly. And in retrospect, that was a good call…


My favorites! I’m so glad I live within walking distance of this plaza. Great pictures!

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awesome JL! Did you like the Udon more or less than Monzo in the end? Thanx.

There are subtle differences in the way it’s served. I actually like Marugame Monzo eeks out a win by the slimmest of margins, and that’s only because I personally prefer more “Q” (or bite) to my noodles. But again, that’s a personal preference. Oumi Sasaya holds its own anyday against other SoCal udon competitiors.

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chocolate chip cream puff?

No - That is the legendary SESAME CHOUX from Patisserie Chantilly!

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wow that grabbed me by the boo boo. even better.

Ok, I gotta ask…did you ask?

Was that a fucking slab of homemade tofu in the perpetual vein of a Mori ???

A brief synopsis of my status at that time:

Left hand: Holding camera, desperately trying to (one-handedly) click said photo of that order as server was about to take it away from me forever.

Right hand: Holding chopsticks, stuffing my face.

Mouth: Full of udon and broth, attempting mastication.

Cerebellum: Overwhelmed (see above)

Prefrontal Cortex: Deferring to medial forebrain bundle in pleasure/reward enjoyment of my meal.

so… No, I didn’t ask.

But as Master Yoda(?) says, “Order it or do not order it. There is no ask.” (which means I gotta go back - Are you down, CB?)

i’m fucking down.

and that ain’t no fucking joke. especially if that pastry shoppe and the other fucked up joint are in the fucking cards.

of course i’m down

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i’m fucking down too.

oh wait…

do they serve fucking drinks there ???

shit maybe i’m not down.

i just hit up the fucking joint.

too late for the patisserie though.

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fucking starving though.

Do Hawaiian at Island Hut next door. Mac salad, rice, musubi - you’ll get full.

yeah, i noticed that, or Kotosh across the street.

Or how’s Black Olive ???

too fucking lazy to walk inside.

yeah, i think i kinda wanted to order lite.

recently i’ve been on a fucking torrance/redondo/hawthorne and now lomita kick ??? what’s next ???

fucking lawndale ???

btw, doesn’t Lawndale have a dope fucking or semi-dope Chitown pizza joint ???

@kevin, aw. You went down to Torrance and at next door to Patisserie Chantilly and didn’t get to try anything from it? :frowning: You definitely need to try it. Amazing Japanese-French Cream Puffs.

And if you were still hungry Torrance has quite a few legit Japanese restaurants people recommended on CH back in the day, like Porthos / JL’s Inaba (Tempura), Torihei (Yakitori and Oden I think), and much more.

Yeah. The fucking joint closes at 5. And I got to the udon joint a couple hours later.

Torihei is fucking dope. But I really despise the fucking up wait. Though those chicken meatballs and cabbage with spicy sauce are beyond incomparable.

I seriously miss Horon Kushiage. So fucking despondent that it had to close.

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My friend introduced me to the okinomiyaki (sp?) in the same plaza. I really enjoy it…and the takoyaki on the menu is so good. If we’re early enough, we also hit up the pastry shop for cream puffs, too. Will have to try the udon place next time we’re in the neighborhood.