Our kevin?

Question … through some post I’m pretty sure I read here I concluded that our ‘f*%#ing’ kevin is THIS kevin:


Right or wrong?

wrong. here’s our LA thread talking about it: Alex, I'll take, "Name That LA Blogger" for $400 - #109 by honkman - Los Angeles - Food Talk Central

I definitely need some nav lessons for this place. A topic with 112 replies, on a site that’s only a few weeks old, and I’ve never run across it.


I think the navigation is pretty easy (I’m using a desktop system), but maybe it got buried in w/ all of the LA (there’s a lot of action on the LA board).

I’m not saying it’s difficult, but I’m sti figuring it out. That topic appears in the ‘latest’ feed but not in the ‘new’ feed even though there are what I would think would be ‘new’ posts to it. I guess I just need definitions of new vs. latest in board-speak.