Outdoor dining destinations

My husband works nights and is stuck indoors for long periods of times. When he’s got weekends or a few days off, he wants to venture out. With the weather starting to warm up, I thought I’d pose the question…where do all you FTCers go to dine al fresco or slip away for dining in not your normal neighborhood?
Open to any cuisine or budget. Can be date night recs or family-friendly recs…sometimes we take our kids with us. Can be anywhere in the LA/OC area.

Spa go
Inn of the 7th Rey
Chateau Marmont

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Most of the Valley gastropubs have outdoor seating:
Blue Dog Beer Tavern, The Fat Dog and Laurel Tavern all have decks and are dog and kid friendly
818 Public School, The Eclectic and Firefly have outdoor seating. The Eclectic would be a good date destination. Firefly is pretty, but, in my experience, the food doesn’t stand out.

You could also drive out PCH and enjoy the view from Neptune’s Net - just order from the fresh side rather than the fried. I’m sure there are other great places along PCH with beach views, but we rarely make it out there.

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Polo Lounge
Nobu - Malibu

some others from eater


Polo Lounge has become even more overpriced than before.


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Gulfstream Newport Beach
Taco Maria

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The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove
Sunday brunch at St. Regis Monarch Beach
Ramos House in San Juan Capistrano

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The Restaurant at The Getty Center.

Food may not be the best nor award-worthy, but it’s just fine nonetheless. But the views? One-of-a-kind, especially if the Santa Anas are blowing, like today.


@A5KOBE Funny enough, we ended up at Gulfstream tonight without rechecking this post. Got a table on the patio close to the fire pit and a heater. The wine list was fine, and they made my Dark and Stormy a bit stronger than I usually prefer, but overall it was good.
The biscuits were indeed some of the best available in southern California. They were buttery, flaky, and herby all at the same time. We split the snapper with shrimp sauce…and while it was overcooked, they took it back and replaced it with a perfect rendition. Service was great and they had Mi Sueño…a lovely cab from Napa not easily found in many restaurants in the LAOC area.
Thanks for the rec!

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Nobu Malibu
Saddle Peak Lodge (top photo)

Maré (photo)


i’ve always thought the food at the getty restaurant was darn good.
i hope it hasn’t gone downhill, or i’m just, y’know, tasteless or something.

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Thanks, @ebethsdad! We were at Neptune’s Net in Malibu a few weeks ago, and then went up PCH a bit more for a walk along the beach.

@Thor We frequent AOC quite a bit because my husband works in the area. I adore the patio and drinks there.

I’m a big Nobu Malibu fan. Terrific food and the setting is spectacular. In town…I have always loved the patio space at Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake. Not a culinary destination…and I haven’t been since they changed chefs (again). But I’ve never had a bad meal…and I’ve always enjoyed the space. It really is lovely.

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No, the food has not precipitously declined. It still is quite good; I just qualify my comments for those folks who judge all restaurants regardless of the situation. When you dine atop LA, with spectacular 360 views, at one of the most stunning architecture sites in the country, and one of the landmark museums in the world, things have to be taken into consideration.

That said, I make no comments about your tastelessness, or lack thereof.


I tend to agree with you, ipse. If the place has a view, you’re more paying for ambiance than anything else. Quality food and drink is only a bonus.
Much appreciation to everyone who have provided suggestions to this post!

I actually think the food at both the Getty Center and Villa are both way better than it needs to be, given the captive audience.

Does Duke’s Malibu have a patio? The view (even indoors) is great, and the food is respectable.

People have commented that the patio at The Wilshire Restaurant is very pretty. I’ve only seen it in passing myself.


Do picnics count? I think the ones in that article are fun suggestions, though I prefer East Side Deli to Park’s Finest in that neighborhood (etc). And there’s also Silver Lake Meadow (AKA Hipster Beach), which is close enough to Dune and Silver Lake Wine to make a fun combo.

Otherwise, yeah Neptune’s Net, Cliff’s Edge, or Beachwood BBQ in Long Beach are my favorites.


@paranoidgarliclover - The Wilshire Hotel in Mid-Town or the restaurant in S.M.? The hotel has a great view of the city & mountains. The S.M. restaurant has a very nice patio with koi pond, if you live close. But not worth the drive, as opposed to some of the other places mentioned.