Outdoor dining in sgv

Anyone have good suggestions for outdoor dining in sgv right now? Chinese food preferred.

i know of two dim sum options: tang gong & NBC

not a big fan of baccali cafe (HK cafe) but they’ve got a huge mall parking lot & tables.

the place just north of the old embassy kitchen seems to be open for dining.

just about everything else is not chinese.

i’d say 5 stars hue in alhambra is worth a visit for central vietnamese.

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I hear Dolan’s Uygher is open. Also, Hai Di Lao and Duck House.


Been to the Arcadia location of Ho Kee Cafe a couple times recently, good outdoor setup and they stay open until 9 or 9:30.

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OK Cafe in Atlantic Times Square is OK. I think Garden Cafe just set up a small area in front. New Sam Tseng set up a horrible looking area in a breezeway between two buildings. One interesting setup I read about was Spring Shabu Shabu in El Monte, an AYCE hotpot restaurant . It was one of my pre pandemic faves.

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Made the trip out to sgv today.

Can report that jiang nan spring has outdoor dining. Also kang kang has tables out back we downed some sjb.

Lu’a garden the cold plate seller on valley has outdoor dining too.