Outdoor grill to compliment smoker

I have a Traeger but looking for a different type of outdoor grill. The things I’d like to grill would require higher heat. Think grilled steaks or galbi. Flat top to also make taco meats, quesadillas and burgers like you get at White Manna.

Does anybody make a combo charcoal grill and electric flat top?

Suggestions please.

I’ve never seen a combination of charcoal and electric. There’s this:

If you don’t need both at once, you can just put a griddle on the grill.

That combo grill is what I’m looking for. Need to find some reviews and do more research.

Wouldn’t it be easy to use something like this? We grill anything and everything year round and this works for us. And when you don’t need it…

Weber 26 with griddle insert. I use this grill about 95% of the time. It does it all and there are a multitude of aftermarket accessories which gives it even more flexibility along with much needed surface area.

What do you need a griddle for . Any cast iron griddle pan will work in your basic weber .Used mine many times . Try it .

I used to own a Weber 26 but that was many years ago. I didn’t think of the cast iron griddle pan or inserts but this should accomplish what I’m looking for. The ability to cook with charcoal and to also have a flat top for burgers, quesadillas, taco meat, veggies, etc…

The beauty of buying a Weber is the aftermarket accessories.


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