Overlooked Gems - Hinoki and the Bazaar

The depth of food in LA is so ginormous that I think some really terrific places fall off the FTC radar.
Recent meals at Hinoki and the Bird as well as the Bazaar were just fantastic.
I know Hinoki has never been much a favorite around here but I am not sure why.

We had 3 great dishes

– wild boar ribs, szechuan peppercorn, kaffir lime
– crispy suckling pig w/ lettuce wraps
– black pepper crab rice, pickled eggplant


I’ve been wanting to check it out again. I went a couple of years ago and was underwhelmed.

I’ve only had lunches at Hinoki, but it’s always been pretty underwhelming for me. I usually go because I have business meetings in Century City.

I love Hinoki.

Plus, they make the best burger, but only for Happy Hour.

This visit was the best for me - last visit probably two years ago. Felt like a new place.

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We’ve been to Hinoki 3 times and enjoyed all of our meals. Especially memorable were the wild boar ribs (like you said), the chilli crab toast, and a sambal skate wing they had on our 2nd visit.

Good call on Hinoki and the Bird! I haven’t been in some time. This is another geographic blind spot for me when thinking of dinner.
I had a perfect dish there last time I went. Santa Barbara Spot Prawns. Even better than the Providence iteration. I do need to go back soon.

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There have been some inconsistency issues at Hinoki, and I’ve found it to sometimes be a tad expensive for what you’re getting. But they do typically hit it out of the park on flavor.

I agree - the chef turnover has been high. But the newish guy is really solid. And it definitely is pricey.

Need to go again. Sounds great.

i’m not a fan of the bazaar, QPR is shit and too wannabe bougie.
Rather go to like Spago or Cut for the price.

Yes there is a very obnoxious, ostentatious vibe at SLS (and most BH Hotels, I guess) but I think the food is really quite good. Though definitely expensive.
Love the jicima wrapped guacamole and the iberico.
It is not a regular place at all for me. But I do tend to overlook how good the food is because of the scene.

The food at Bazaar has always been solid. I really enjoy the traditional Spanish tapas (pan con tomate, jamon selection, et al.) and the modern stuff is fun, too. The flan is Chef Andres’ mother’s or grandmother’s recipe…and it’s one of the best flans I’ve ever had.

That miso mochi dessert at Hinoki is divine.